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Çanakkale Bridge 1915

جسر جناق قلعة 1915 …تاريخ مشرف و حاضر مشرق
Çanakkale Bridge 1915

Çanakkale Bridge 1915 ... an honorable history and a bright present

One of the most important bridges in Turkey, the Çanakkale Bridge, was opened on the 107th anniversary of the victory of the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Çanakkale.

Where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in the ceremony that took place on March 18, 2022, to open the "Çanakkale 1915" bridge, the longest in the world, and cultural events are held in Turkey on this date every year to commemorate the anniversary of the victory of the Ottoman Empire in The Battle of Çanakkale, but today the 107th anniversary is commemorated with the opening of one of the most important bridges in Turkey, which is expected to contribute to the rise in real estate prices in Turkey.

Information about Çanakkale Bridge 1915

Çanakkale Bridge is considered a winning card in Turkey through which to compete with the new world order that is resistant after the time of Corona, which depends mainly on the strength of infrastructure facilities.

The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is scheduled to be the longest bridge of its kind in the world, is a symbol of the historical victory in the famous and legendary Battle of Çanakkale in Turkey, in which the Ottomans defeated the British forces.

The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will connect Gelibolu and Lapseki districts on the Asian side of Çanakkale.

The Çanakkale Bridge was built on two bases spread over two banks with a length of 333 meters, separated by a distance of 2023 meters on each bank, while the height of each of the four towers is 318 meters.

One of the most important sections of the highway project linking the states of Tekirdag, Çanakkale, and Balikesir is the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is 352 km long and includes 31 bridges, 30 bridge intersections, 143 upper and lower corridors, and 5 tunnels.

The highway also contributes to easing traffic in Istanbul because it is wet between the cities of Istanbul and Izmir, and reduces transportation costs to the Aegean region.

The bridge project was built by a huge crew of more than 5,000 people including 649 engineers as well as 895 heavy equipment vehicles.

It is expected that the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will reduce the crossing time between the two banks of the Marmara Sea to only 6 minutes instead of an hour and a half using ships, and this will greatly serve the Turkish economy by building a large and fast transportation network, which is a prerequisite for measuring the development of countries around the world.

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