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Avcilar district in Istanbul

معلومات عن منطقة افجلار في اسطنبول:
Avcilar district in Istanbul
Avcilar district in Istanbul

Istanbul is characterized by many high-end and distinguished residential areas, including Avcilar, which is located to the west of Istanbul, specifically between Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, and Başakşehir. It is located on the Marmara Sea, and the two main roads TEM and E5 pass through it.

Avcilar area has undergone many changes after the earthquake that hit it, as it was previously a fishing village before the middle of the twentieth century, but the area has risen after the disaster and witnessed a movement of urban development and prosperity that made it one of the finest places to live in Istanbul with its restaurants and luxury hotels and its splendid view On the Marmara Sea, Avcilar is also famous for its sophisticated and modern residential complexes.

Avcilar district contains several neighborhoods, including Gümüş Bala, Avcilar Merkez, Cihangir, and others. Its area is estimated at 42.59 km2, and the area has witnessed a significant population growth estimated at 130 percent. Its population reached 435,682 in 2018, while it was 333,944 in 2008.

Statistics indicate that the number of males exceeds the number of females by 2%, and the percentage of males out of the total population has reached 51.1%. As for the classification according to social status, the percentage of married people reached 62.2% of the population.

Avcilar is located near the E5 and TEM highways, which connect Istanbul to other cities. Avcilar is famous for its entertainment facilities such as the famous pelican Mall, in addition to a large commercial market that includes a group of local and foreign brands. The Turkish municipality has also taken care of the infrastructure of bridges and tunnels, as well as the IDO Water Station. Which connects Istanbul parts and the nearby coastal cities.

Pros of living in Avcilar Istanbul:
  • Its proximity to vital areas such as Beylikdüzü municipality, in addition to its picturesque view of the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake.

  • Service facilities and vital areas are served by a modern transportation network, the most important of which is the Metrobus lines.

  • Markets, important commercial centers, and the mixed social environment, which includes Turks and several communities, including the Arab community

  • Avcilar region is witnessing a good real estate investment movement and investors are divided into two types, some of them want to buy apartments in Avcilar to invest to secure housing for students, and some of them tend to invest in commercial real estate

Advantages of buying an apartment in Avcilar Istanbul:

Residence in Avcilar has many advantages, the most important of which is the charming sea view and its proximity to the new waterway, ie the Istanbul Water Canal and Kucukcekmece Lake. The area also has a fast transportation network capable of serving the area and linking it with the rest of Istanbul, where the E5 road passes through, in addition to the presence of All service, recreational and vital facilities.

All of this has increased the demand for buying properties in Istanbul in Avcilar and greatly pushed the wheel of real estate investment in the region

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