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Basaksehir the future of Istanbul real estate

باشاك شهير مستقبل عقارات اسطنبول
Basaksehir the future of Istanbul real estate

Basaksehir the future of Istanbul real estate

Basaksehir is located to the north of the European part of Istanbul and is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, with a population of 380,000 people, and covering a large area of ​​104 km2

Previously the area was intended to supply gunpowder to the Ottoman army and then a farm was established in its place. The farm was known as Resneli Farm in reference to Resneli Niazi, a military officer from Resen, North Macedonia (then part of the Ottoman Empire), who was One of the heroes of the young Turkish revolution in 1908.

Until 2009, Basaksehir district belonged to the Kucukcekmece district, then it was declared an independent municipality.

40% of the population of Basaksehir district is under 20 years old, 43% are aged 20-44 and have a higher education

Tourist attractions in Basaksehir

The Basaksehir district of Istanbul is bordered by large areas of green forests on the north side, consisting of cypresses, pines and evergreen trees.

As a river passes through the area with a dam beside it, the river flows into Kucukcekmece Lake, creating picturesque natural areas

Basaksehir has also one of the largest natural valleys, with a wide biodiversity in Sazlidere, which includes a natural and archaeological park at the same time, preserving the biodiversity and historical heritage of the region.

In addition to the presence of many vital facilities, such as shopping centers, sports centers, restaurants and cafes.

It has the largest artificial lake in Istanbul. Basaksehir Lake extends over an area of ​​26,000 square meters, and the lake is surrounded by vast areas of parks with an area of ​​300,000 square meters, in addition to restaurants, game parks, private clubs and cafes.

Why are Basaksehir properties future investments?

The Basaksehir district is very close to the former Ataturk International Airport and Istanbul International Airport, one of the largest airports in the world.

Moreover, the district is also surrounded by a wide network of modern and lively roads as the Europe Highway (E80) starts in Mahmutbey in Basaksehir, and passes through the district in the western direction to Edirne.

Not to mention its proximity to the third bridge on the Bosphorus, which makes transportation very easy to and from the area, and Basaksehir is located 25 km from Istanbul city center.

It is home to one of the largest organized industrial zones in Turkey with more than 20,000 small and medium enterprises. It is surrounded by highways which makes it easy to access.

All these features make Başakşehir one of the most profitable areas in the real estate sector in Istanbul, as it is witnessing a great demand by real estate investors to buy properties in Başakşehir.

The price per square meter in some neighborhoods of the region has reached more than 5,500 Turkish liras, which is higher than the average in other parts of Istanbul.

Basaksehir Square is also being prepared, as it is expected that the square in Basaksehir will be large and will include a wide network of superstructures and infrastructure, under which is a transportation network with many underground tunnels that connect it to the other European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

The new square has been designed to meet all the needs of the residents of Basaksehir. It will be surrounded by many vital facilities such as the Medical City and the largest botanical garden in Europe - covering an area of ​​368,000 square meters - and parking spaces for thousands of cars. Not to mention that it contains many restaurants, cafes, and a mosque that can accommodate 5,000 worshippers.

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