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Basin Express Road in Istanbul

طريق باسن اكسبرس في اسطنبول ،لاستثمار المستقبل
Basin Express Road in Istanbul
Basin Express Road in Istanbul , for the future’s investment

Basin Express occupies a prominent position among the prestigious areas of Istanbul in the European section, and has witnessed an accelerated growth movement in the real estate market in Istanbul, and has received the utmost attention by the Greater Istanbul Municipality within its strategic plan, and has been evaluated as a prestigious area that will have a large share in the process of residential development and investment. and commercial, as it includes a number of financial centers, entertainment centers and services.

The Basin Express area constitutes the link between the TEM and E5 roads, which are two of the very important roads in Istanbul, and the aksı area, which is close to the metro line and located on the northern Marmara Road link, as well as the Basin Express highway, all of this giving it great investment importance, made It is a destination for huge real estate investments, and real estate prices in the area have increased twenty-fold.

Basin Express as a new center for real estate investment

The Basin Express Road at the Bagcilar Municipality is considered one of the most important business and real estate investment centers in Istanbul, as it includes the most important huge real estate investments projects in the city,

And recently the region has witnessed an increase in real estate prices at rates that multiplied more than 20 times, and in the near future this area will become the most prestigious office area on the European side.

Especially as it is a meeting point between the two main roads E5 and TEM. It is also connected to the North Marmara Highway, in addition to containing a network of metro and tram lines in addition to the Marmaray line.

It contains many huge projects, advanced residential complexes, dozens of five-star hotels, commercial offices and international companies, in addition to numerous shopping centers.

The investment movement in the Basin Express area has significantly affected Istanbul real estate prices and its neighboring areas, and perhaps the most important example of this is the Gunesli neighborhood located in the famous Bagcilar district, where the price of the properties rose from 1200 Turkish liras per square meter to 4 thousand Turkish liras. per square meter in just three years.

The Basin Express area includes a group of luxury housing equipped with the latest technologies with transportation and a comfortable and safe atmosphere, making it a destination for the middle and high income class of employees and businessmen.

Why is the Basin Express road and area considered special for investment?

Mr. Turgut Yazici, General Manager of Eva Real Estate Appraisal Company, said, "The proximity to Ataturk Airport is one of the strongest factors that give the region's investment vitality, in addition to the multiple metro lines projects awaiting the region, which have been in operation since 2016."

The Basin Express area is also distinguished by its proximity to the new Istanbul Airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world, which increases the value of investment projects in this region, in addition to its proximity to Ataturk Airport, which will be converted into a large public park in addition to an exhibition and conference center, after the It stopped working after the opening of the new Istanbul airport.

The municipality in the Basin Express area is also working to intensify investments in the hotel projects, to ensure the completion of the construction of 13 five-star hotels capable of meeting the growing demand for accommodation in this strategic area.

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