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Buy properties in Turkey by installments

اشتري العقارات في تركيا بالتقسيط
Buy properties in Turkey by installments

Buy properties in Turkey by installments … to get more options

Turkey attracts investors and tourists from all over the world, and the real estate sector is witnessing an unprecedented movement in it despite all the challenges and economic conditions that the country and countries, in general, are exposed to, and due to the difficult economic conditions that individuals are going through, the demand for buying real estate by installments in Turkey is currently increasing.

This article is to clarify the points related to this topic.

The legal aspect of buying real estate by installments in Turkey:

The conditions for buying any property in Turkey apply to the case of purchase in installments, and there are no special conditions for this case, and there is no specific percentage of the property price or a specific period for payment, but rather it is determined according to the agreement.

The property is purchased and the installments are paid according to one of two methods:

  • The first is through real estate companies, and an official sales contract is concluded, clarifying the value of the payments and how to pay the installments.

  • The second method: buying an apartment in installments through a bank loan; The bank buys the property and puts a mortgage on it until the installments are paid

The buyer can sell the property even if he does not complete the payment of installments, as he obtains a certified sale contract (different from the title deed) that allows him to sell the property to another investor who can complete the payments and sums owed by the first investor.

It is worth noting that the sale contract entails the payment of additional fees related to the notary, and they must be paid by both parties by mutual consent, and the buyer can sell the property to one or several people after obtaining the consent of the owner, and after paying the full installments, each person is delivered to the title deed, each according to his share.

Steps to buying real estate by installments in Turkey:
  1. The beginning and the most important step is to choose the right property

  2. Submit a copy of the title deed "Tapu" or the real estate statement

  3. Submit a copy of the property's location in the municipality plan or a location statement

  4. Obtaining a tax number from the Tax Department

  5. Translating the passport into Turkish and certifying it by a notary public.

  6. Submit four personal photos.

  7. Signing the purchase contract with the seller and making a down payment.

  8. Submit a request to transfer ownership to the specialized authorities, and wait for the approval to be issued to review the Land Registry Department with the seller.

Types of real estate that can be purchased by installments in Turkey:

First: buying real estate by installment in Turkey in under-construction projects:

This type of real estate allows obtaining special prices, whether in installments or paying the full amount, and it is the best type for investors or people who do not wish to settle directly within the property.

This type of real estate helps to take advantage of the exchange rate difference. In most cases, the payment of installments is completed in parallel with the completion of construction work and the handover of the property located within a high-end residential complex equipped with all service and recreational facilities at reasonable prices.

Second: Buying a ready apartment and receiving it directly:

One of the advantages of this type of real estate is the ability to receive the property directly and settle immediately if desired, or even rent it, and thus benefit from the rental income to pay the installments.

The purchase is made by paying an amount in advance and then agreeing on the value of the installments and the number of payments, and then the investor or buyer is given a purchase contract documented with the notary in Turkey, and after all the installments are paid, the buyer obtains the title deed in his name.

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