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Buying land in Turkey 2023

استثمر في شراء اراضي في تركيا 2023
Buying land in Turkey 2023

Buying land in Turkey 2023 … important real estate investment

The field of real estate in Turkey is wide and diverse and is not limited to buying apartments in Istanbul or other Turkish cities

And when thinking about investing in the Turkish real estate market, there is a simple, easy and guaranteed option, which is to buy land in Turkey

At first glance, buying land in Turkey may seem somewhat complicated, but once you know what you want it will become very easy.

Moreover, there are very few restrictions on the subject of buying land in Turkey which is possible for citizens of most countries of the world

One can buy land in Turkey by themselves, but it is better to get professional help from trusted real estate agents, especially for foreigners.

Experienced real estate agents direct the buyer's attention on important legal matters, for example, citizens of Ukraine and Russia cannot buy land on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Although there are not many restrictions on citizens of some countries, it is still good to be sure, and here comes the importance of hiring a guaranteed real estate agent.

On the other hand, one of the most important reasons for choosing professional assistance is the fact that there are some restrictions and regulations for foreigners when it comes to becoming a land owner in Turkey.

Important points when buying land in Turkey by foreigners:
  • Lands of no more than 30 hectares (74 acres) can be owned.

  • The land area cannot exceed 10% from the total area of the administrative region to which it belongs

(for example, the total area of the town is 250 hectares,

Therefore, a foreigner may only purchase a piece of land of no more than 25 hectares in that region or village)

  • The land development project must be submitted to the relevant authorities within two years of purchase if there are no prior constructions

Types of lands in Turkey

Those wishing to buy land in Turkey must know the purpose of their purchase and the specifications that suit that in terms of location and type, and the real estate agent will help in choosing by explaining the types of land in Turkey

The purpose of the land must be specified in the title deed and it is difficult to change that’s why you need to know the types which are:

Agricultural land: Agricultural land in Turkey is characterized as one of the best types of land in the world with excellent soil suitable for cultivation for all types of crops. Just

Investment land: It is divided into two subcategories: for private development (houses, villas, cottages, etc.) and commercial development (hotels, shops, offices, etc.).

Residential land: These are the lands on which residential projects can be built in large areas and according to the municipal license in the area where the land is located. The area allowed for construction in Turkey is often estimated between 60-70% of the land area only.

Steps of buying land in Turkey
  • First of all, you must choose the right land for you. Once you choose a suitable plot of land, you must first make sure that all documents are present and check that there are no entitlements associated with the property, such as loan debt, for example.

  • Then the price negotiations begin, and here comes the importance of the role of a professional real estate agent, as bargaining in Turkey is a common practice and a natural part of the process. A real estate agent with experience in the local real estate market can reduce the demanded purchase price.

  • After agreeing to buy the land, a certificate of the estimated value of the land is obtained, a requirement introduced by the Turkish authorities to prevent any fraud. This way the buyer will know that they are not overpaying and the certificate can be obtained from the local municipality office.

  • Then the real estate agent submits a request to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Registry to transfer ownership (from seller to buyer). The parties are given a date to complete the transaction, which is usually within seven working days.

  • And the last stage of buying land in Turkey is the appointment in the Land Registry Directorate in the presence of both the buyer and seller in front of the directorate official, and by law, foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey must be accompanied by a certified translator at this stage unless they speak Turkish and would sign a declaration that they don't need it.

Important Documents when buying land in Turkey

  • A passport or any other credited ID (a certified and notarized translation of the ID document must also be included)

  • Real estate appraisal report of the land

  • 2 personal photos

  • Proof of payment of the required fees

  • A document regarding representation (if the purchase is made remotely), for example an official authorization of the real estate agent

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