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Etlik the second large medical city in Turkey

أتليك ثاني مدينة طبية كبرى في تركيا
Etlik the second large medical city in Turkey

Etlik the second large medical city in Turkey

On Wednesday, 9/28/2022, Etlik Medical City, the largest medical city in Turkey in terms of area, was inaugurated, and it is considered one of the largest medical cities in Europe. Etlik Medical City is located in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and the inauguration was attended by Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President, and Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

20 medical cities were opened in Turkey within 5 years!

Turkey is home to many modern and important medical cities, totaling 20 cities, including the city of Etlik, and Etlik is the second medical city to be built in the capital, Ankara, after the Ankara Medical City, which opened in 2019.

The first medical city in Turkey was opened in Yozgat in 2017, and the statistics of the Turkish Ministry of Health indicate that 175 million health services have been provided in the nineteen medical cities to this day, and the Turkish Ministry of Health is striving to implement 14 new medical cities with a capacity It has a capacity of 19,000 beds.

An area of up to one million square meters!

The total area of the largest medical city in Turkey is estimated at one million and 22 thousand and 725 square meters, while the closed parts of the city are estimated at an area of one million and 145 thousand and 129 square meters, and it contains 1000 medical clinics, 125 operating rooms, and 4050 beds divided into 691 beds for the intensive care department, And 3,359 beds for the rest of the medical departments, in addition to the medical complex, the university building, the medical hotel, and the helipad

Features of the health sector in Ankara:

The capital, Ankara, is famous for its advanced and modern health services, in addition to a large number of medical complexes and hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and medical staff, such as Medicana International Hospital, Gurgan Clinic, Güven Ankara Hospital, Acibadem Hospital, Memorial Ankara Hospital, and Hacı Tepe University Hospital.

The health sector in Turkey in general and in Ankara in particular is characterized by many advantages that make it occupy a significant position among the health systems in the world, among which are:

  • The hospital's privileged and central location, is close to the transportation network, bus stops, and metro lines.

  • Fast service and advanced appointment tracking with no long waits.

  • Providing a range of integrated medical services and modern and advanced equipment such as x-ray imaging equipment to laboratory testing equipment, in addition to providing superior patient care and amenities.

  • Adopting an advanced health system that allows patients to see all the results of analysis and imaging.

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