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The importance of a good location when buying a property in Turkey

أهمية اختيار موقع جيد عند شراء عقارات في تركيا
The importance of a good location when buying a property in Turkey

The importance of a good location when buying a property in Turkey

When you want to buy properties in Turkey, the first thing you should focus on is choosing the location

The location of the property is the most important factor when buying a property in Turkey.

When searching for a suitable location, we are talking about the city, then the region, then the neighborhood. There is no harm in looking for an apartment with a beautiful view, especially if the goal of buying the property is investment.

And if you are looking to buy a property for investment, it will always be your priority to look for a property with a guaranteed return and easy to sell and rent.

And the better the location, the easier it is to rent the house and the more you can get per month, the more your financial profit and the price of the property will certainly increase

In general, the location is always a motivating factor for people, when buying real estate and apartments in Turkey, so make sure that the location of the house is your top priority and you will find yourself achieving a winning deal.

Things to consider when viewing a property site in Turkey


The condition and price of any house can be changed, you can even change the size of the house, but the only thing that you cannot change is the location of the house, and the location has the greatest impact on Turkey real estate prices

Therefore, the location of the house should provide comfort, such as being close to the city center, the airport, shopping centers and others!

Which neighborhoods you like will mainly be a matter of personal choice. However, you must take into account certain points when choosing the neighborhood or region in which the property will be located in Turkey

Such as accessibility, appearance and amenities, and you should look for a neighborhood near the main roads in the city, especially if you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, as it is a big city and moving in it is very important

service facilities

Local amenities have a direct impact on real estate prices in Turkey such as groceries, restaurants, shopping and entertainment are some of the best amenities that people look for when buying an apartment or property.

Usually, buyers prefer that these facilities are a few minutes away by car or transportation, so the closer the location of the property is to the facilities, this will help raise the value of your property.

Schools and health facilities

Schools may be the most important factor in the location of real estate in Turkey, and what makes the location very important is the fact that it is close to schools, universities, hospitals and health centers, especially if you want to invest in residential real estate in Turkey, meaning you are targeting families or even want to live in the property with your family, you should put this condition at the forefront of the list of specifications for your home site


Whether it is driving a car, cycling, public transportation, or even walking, the commute time is an essential factor when choosing the location of the property, especially as we mentioned earlier if you want to buy a property in Istanbul, for example, or any major Turkish city

In big cities, if you buy a home on a site where the city will build a new metro station, you will see an immediate rise in the price of real estate in the area once the metro is ready.

This metro station is also likely to bring other local amenities such as groceries and restaurants.

In general, the best location to buy a property in Istanbul for ease of transportation is near a major highway or public transportation.

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