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How to choose the best real estate consultant in Turkey

كيفية اختيار المستشار العقاري الأفضل في تركيا؟
How to choose the best real estate consultant in Turkey

How to choose the best real estate consultant in Turkey

As a foreign investor who is looking for the strongest real estate investment opportunities in Turkey or you may want to live and settle and thus the need to buy a property in Turkey, you will have many questions about the Turkish real estate market and the best methods for buying a property in Turkey in a guaranteed, safe and legal way.

In order to answer all these questions, it is necessary to seek the assistance of a person or entity that has experience in the real estate market in Turkey, has relations with construction companies and residential projects, and the reliability of this person or entity must be emphasized, in addition to the availability of legal knowledge of the laws of owning a property in Turkey and thus not to fall into Fraud trap.

This person is called a real estate consultant.

Turkey is a prominent investment destination in the world and real estate consultancy companies are spread in abundance, especially the city of Istanbul. These companies are known by the term real estate consultants, and these companies are representative of the investor and their main task is to help those wishing to buy real estate by choosing the most appropriate property for their requirements in legal ways that ensure that they get what they seek, by clarifying the real estate and cultural map of the area in which you want to buy a property, in addition to studying the available options and features, and finally providing recommendations that are in your interest and thus saving time and effort

What are the tasks of a real estate consultant in Turkey?

The real estate consultant in Turkey begins his duties when the contact is made with the investor, and ends when the costumer obtain the title deed of the property he wants, and these tasks can be enumerated according to the following:

  • First, communication with the client and agreement on all the details of the investment or the property he wants to buy, like the area of the property and its location with the financial capacity of the client and the appropriate real estate in Turkey

  • Determining the appropriate offers for the client's request based on what was agreed upon in the second stage, and clarifying the best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey for him that are commensurate with his goals and budget.

  • Carrying out real estate tours with the client, and this step helps to choose the most suitable property for the client after examining all the options on the ground.

  • Agreeing with the seller and getting the best possible deal and thus acting as an intermediary between the customer and the seller

  • The last stage is the legal procedures for transferring ownership of the property, which is signing the contract, paying the taxes and paying the dues, while securing the papers and documents necessary to transfer the ownership of the property to the investor.

  • The real estate consultant can also provide what is known as after-sales services, which is the rental of the property for those who wish to benefit from the property, or assistance in choosing the best furniture.

How can you choose the best real estate consultant in Turkey?

It is necessary to have some qualities and criteria in the real estate consultant before deciding to communicate with them and assign them the task of searching for a property for you, which are:

Extensive experience and good knowledge of the Turkish real estate market

When choosing a real estate consultant, it is necessary to select someone who has extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market, strong relations with construction companies in Turkey, accurate knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of these companies, in addition to sufficient information and a large database of real estate projects, which enables you to achieve your investment goal at the most appropriate price And the best property.

Transparency in dealing

Transparency in dealing is the basis for a successful relationship between the investor and the real estate consultant, and therefore to choose the best client, the transparency criterion must be placed at the top of the list of criteria for choosing the consultant, thus ensuring the success of the real estate transaction in a secure and safe manner.

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