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Istanbul Kagıthane with its modern style

كاتهانه اسطنبول بطرازها العصري الحديث
Istanbul Kagıthane with its modern style

Istanbul Kagıthane with its modern style

Today, the name of Kağıthane district has come into the spotlight in the field of huge infrastructure and major brands, due to major real estate projects and its distinctive central location, which makes it an easy access point from various areas of Istanbul.

History of Kağıthane District:

The Kağıthane region has its roots in the Byzantine civilization and was built along the Kağıthane River. It received great attention in the Ottoman era and gained a notable reputation among the Turks. It witnessed an industrial revolution in 1940 when many industrial companies began to head to Kağıthane, which led to the recovery of The industrial sector that has become a haven for immigrants and the working class.

Urban transformation in Kağıthane

The Kağıthane region has witnessed a huge and rapid urban transformation since 2007. The Turkish government launched the metro line project and the reclamation project of the valley in it, as well as the opening of the Piyalepaşa Tunnel. All of this led to attracting a large segment of immigrants and employees, and consequently, the real estate sector revival in the region and the demand for Kağıthane real estate increased. Remarkably afterward.

Real estate prices in Kağıthane

The price per square meter for real estate in the region starts from 4 thousand Turkish liras and reaches 9 thousand Turkish liras. As for the luxury real estate projects, the price per square meter is 12 thousand Turkish liras, and statistics indicate that the apartments in Istanbul in the Kağıthane district of 2 + 1, 1 + 1, and 3 + 1 are witnessing a great desire to buy by investors.

Property sales in Istanbul Kağıthane:

The development of the industrial sector and mega projects in the Kağıthane region has led to investors buying real estate, and the percentage of sales has increased to 87% during the last three years, and the data indicates that the increase in real estate sales in 2013 reached 32% and in 2014 it reached 11% For the year 2015, the increase amounted to 24%, and for the past three years, the rate of increase was 87%, which made the Kağıthane district ranked 17th among Istanbul regions in terms of the increase in apartment prices and the percentage of sales.

Public services in Kağıthane:
  • Health sector: The region is equipped with the best and finest medical services provided by medical centers and hospitals, the most famous of which is Kağıthane Governmental Hospital.

  • Transportation: The Kağıthane district is located close to the Metrobus line, and it is easy to reach from most areas of Istanbul, such as Eyup and Mecidiyekoy, in addition to Sisli, the famous Cevahir shopping center. and others.

  • The distinctive location of the Kağıthane district: The Kağıthane district is located in the center of Istanbul, specifically on the European side of the city, and close to the Sisli, Eyup, and Beyoglu districts, and it has a rich archaeological history and an ancient civilization that can be seen when looking at old pictures of the city or from history books.

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