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Kayasehir in Istanbul

كايا شهير في اسطنبول لاقامة هادئة و راقية
Kayaşehir in Istanbul

Kayasehir in Istanbul , for a quiet and upscale stay

Kayasehir district is located in the European side of Istanbul and is affiliated to the municipality of Basaksehir, which is characterized by modernity, high-end projects and the development of infrastructure and services.

Kayaşehir district is one of the best locations in terms of real estate investment in Istanbul, as it is a promising and qualified area to be a famous investment destination in the near future, as the region is witnessing an unprecedented urban renaissance and attracts investors wishing to buy a property as soon as possible, including the high-end complexes of Kayaşehir in Istanbul.

Advantages of buying a property in Istanbul in Kayasehir:

Kayaşehir district has a set of many advantages that are difficult to find anywhere else in Istanbul, which makes those who own a property feel reassured and comfortable: the most important of these features are:


Kayaşehir district is one of the most prestigious and best municipalities in the European section. It is located close to Ataturk Airport, which will become one of the most beautiful main parks in Istanbul, and it is within walking distance of the Yavuz Selina bridge and the Başakşehir Medical Complex, which is one of the largest medical centers in Europe. .

All this makes any investor feel reassured that any deal within this region will bring him good profits and benefits.

The area is not more than 3 km away from the vital Sazlidere Dam in addition to the surrounding forests, in addition to part of the Istanbul Water Canal, which gives it a unique location on the Turkish map and thus greater opportunities to achieve successes in the field of real estate investment.

Kayaşehir is located near the famous Ataturk Olympic Stadium, 8 minutes away from the most vital road in Istanbul, the TEM highway.

Abundance of services:

The area is home to many shops, weekly markets and "bazaars", in addition to restaurants and cafes, which attract tourists and residents and have a prominent role in attracting investment to Istanbul.

The residential complexes in the area are also characterized by safety, as they are equipped with permanent security guards with surveillance cameras in all areas surrounding the complex. It is characterized by calmness, and away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the city.

And do not forget the service facilities in the Basaksehir area, such as schools for all levels, which teach in local and international languages.

Kayaşehir Park

It is located on 362 acres of land, 280 acres of which are designated for parks and gardens, and a self-purifying biological pond with an area of ​​15 thousand and 600 square meters, 42 thousand square meters of green space for reviving various activities, in addition to bicycle paths and tracks to walk and jog within the park.

There are also 25 different types of roses, such as musk and others, the Regarinc garden or the bright garden and the butterfly garden, in which types of roses and plants that you love and butterflies are attracted to are planted .

In Kayaşehir park there are 5,570 different types of flowers and roses, and 160,000 shrubs and plants.

There are also places for people with special needs and a wooden hut with reading places next to it there also cafes and restaurants.

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