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Peoples garden in Istanbul

حديقة الشعب في اسطنبول… بديلا لمطار أتاتورك الدولي
Peoples garden in Istanbul
Peoples garden in Istanbul … Ataturk International Airport new form

Last Sunday, on May 29, 2022, the first seedlings were planted in the People’s garden in Istanbul, in the place of the former Ataturk International Airport, with the participation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This garden is the largest in Turkey and the fifth in the world, and it will be officially opened in 2023

Where the Turkish government decided to transform Ataturk Airport with its buildings and squares into one of the largest parks and national parks in Istanbul when it closed in 2019 when the Istanbul Airport was put to function

What’s so special about the People's garden in Istanbul?

This People's garden is supposed to be one of the largest service projects in Turkey, with an area of about 8.5 million square meters, and 30% of it is supposed to be allocated for general air navigation, and 9% of it will be areas used for military purposes,

To remain 5.2 million square meters for recreational areas, in addition to a youth center, a museum, an exhibition city, a residence area for visitors, in addition to a social center, a meeting space in case of disasters and others

The main entrance to Ataturk Airport was previously moved from the D100 road to the Yeşilköy intersection and will be equipped with car parks to the east.

The administrative buildings of the neighboring airport will be reorganized and their own side roads will be laid in order to reduce traffic congestion, and the project will be connected to metro stations in the area.

What will the park include when it opens in 2023?

According to those responsible for the project, the total number of trees and seedlings in the park should reach 145,300.

In order for the garden to remain green throughout the four seasons, needle trees will be planted next to the broad-leaved trees, and it will include a spring and a valley along the garden.

The park will be devoted exclusively to picnicking and walking, in order to ensure safe walks for children, mothers and the elderly.

The park is also expected to contain an event site with a capacity of 28,000 people with a giant screen, a space for sports with a capacity of 300 people, with an amphitheater that can accommodate 2,000 spectators.

Ten thousand square meters will be allocated for children only, in which 7 forms of amusement park will be established.

An adventure park will be established within the recreational area with an area of ​​145,000 square meters, in addition to the construction of a 650-meter ski slope.

The people in Istanbul will be elderly friendly, as the park will include a temporary shelter, a mosque that can accommodate approximately 18,000 worshipers, and there will be a center for the care of the elderly, in addition to offices for the General Directorate of Forests.

Artists and their works will also have a share, as the People’s garden will also contain museums, in which artists will display their works, in addition to a library, lecture hall, workshops, public reading rooms, a restaurant and a café, and it will also be provided with communal spaces for sitting and recreation.

Those in charge of designing the People's garden were keen to make it a safe place for the city's residents in the event of an earthquake or natural disasters.

It is planned to modify the terminal buildings of the external airlines at the Ataturk airport while maintaining its general structure to become an exhibition city

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