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Real estate prices in Turkey 2023

اسعار العقارات في تركيا 2023
Real estate prices in Turkey 2023
Real estate prices in Turkey 2023

The real estate market in Turkey meets all the tastes and requirements of investors, so the investor can find a wide variety of prices that satisfy everyone

And the political, economic and social stability that the country enjoys has a role in the stability of real estate prices and apartments in Turkey and also ensures that they increase over time and thus increase profits from real estate investment in Turkey

The Turkish government, with real estate companies in the private sector, plays a large and important role in order to attract and expand real estate investment in Turkey, by offering good offers and setting great facilities for buying and owning apartments in Turkey, and encouraging the establishment of more real estate projects.

This is reflected significantly and positively on real estate prices in Turkey, as it meets the requirements of investors through a variety of payment methods, including a wide range of convenient installment options, all with the aim of making the prices of apartments in Turkey within the reach of all budgets, for all social and investment segments.

Real estate prices in Turkey are affected by several factors, including:

There are many factors that affect the price of properties in Turkey. They are related to the infrastructure, the economic situation of the country, and the current situation in all countries of the world, but a group of factors related to real estate plays the largest role in determining the price, namely:

  • Quality of construction and cladding materials.

  • The infrastructure that serves the area in which the property is located and the extent of its development.

  • population density of the area.

  • Real estate legislation and amendments thereto in line with the desires of investors.

  • The Turkish government's support for the foreign investor and the incentives provided to obtain Turkish citizenship after purchasing a property and according to certain conditions.

  • The recovery of the real estate market in Turkey due to the demand for foreigners to buy real estate, which benefits the real estate sector and, consequently, the Turkish economy.

  • The enormity of the projects adopted by the Turkish government, which directly affects real estate prices.

The most important steps to conclude a profitable deal when buying a property in Turkey:
  1. The property should be inspected on ground and not only through the pictures and the content of the advertisement

  2. Ensure that the property is clean in terms of debts and financial claims and is not subject to any mortgage or any legal accountability, in addition to examining the property in terms of structural integrity and defects.

  3. Detailed inquiry about the full specifications of the area in which the desired property is located, whether it is served by advanced infrastructure or not, and what facilities and services it is equipped with.

  4. To ensure the highest profit when selling or renting, it is necessary to search for properties with high specifications and subject to international standards.

  5. All of the above can be done easily and smoothly if a reliable real estate agent is chosen to help you purchase the property.

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