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The biggest medical city in Istanbul

ماذا تعرف عن أكبر مدينة طبية في اسطنبول
What do you know about the biggest medical city in Istanbul

What do you know about the biggest medical city in Istanbul ?

Medical cities in Turkey already exist, but they have recently gained a lot of interest, especially in fast-growing economies like Turkey.

The locations and names of these cities vary, but they share many basic characteristics.

and they are all designed to be comprehensive and include within them all medical specialties and advanced technologies.

So that all clinical services can be provided and include a full range of diagnoses and treatments.

The size and scope of medical cities usually require an advanced level of care - both in technology and methods - to create an attractive destination for care.

These points are necessary to ensure a high level of service and the ability to meet all necessary patient needs.

But still Turkey is not satisfied with the existing medical cities, and is working to add other medical cities to the list of existing cities

Recently, the largest medical city in Istanbul, Turkey, was opened in the Basaksehir area, which is considered one of the largest new government projects

Basaksehir medical city

Basaksehir "Çam and Sakura" medical city derives its name from the pine tree (Çam in Turkish) and cherry blossom (sakura in Japanese), which symbolize life.

The medical city Basaksehir Medical City was built with a Turkish-Japanese partnership within the framework of the Health Transformation Program, and it is one of the medical cities that provide services to patients all over Turkey.

It is distinguished by its advanced technological infrastructure and huge clinical capacity and has played an important role over the past years throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The establishment of this medical city, which is also called "Ikitelli City Hospital" started in 2016, where about 6000 workers from various sectors of engineering, construction, extension, and others participated in its construction.

This medical institution, built on an area of one million square meters in the Basaksehir district, west of Istanbul, will operate with a capacity that can provide service to 32,700 patients and referrals per day, and it is equipped with 2,640 beds.

Basaksehir medical city is also the largest medical institution isolated from earthquakes in the world, and it has been provided with 2040 seismic insulators that work with very high efficiency and specifications without stopping even in the face of destructive earthquakes.


The Basaksehir medical city consists of three hospitals, the main hospital with six departments and contains 2,354 beds, the 200-bed physiotherapy and rehabilitation hospital, and the 128-bed psychiatric hospital.

its departments : general medicine, which includes 469 beds, the department of cardiovascular diseases, which consists of 327 beds, neurology and orthopedics, which includes 311 beds, the department of pediatrics, which includes 521 beds, and gynecology, which includes 359 beds, and the department of oncology, which includes 367 beds.

The importance of Basaksehir medical city’s location

The new medical city is located on the TEM highway and is linked to a modern road and transportation network that avoids traffic in crowded inner neighborhoods and is directly connected to the rapid transport lines connecting to Istanbul airport and the Istanbul water canal,

It is also linked to transportation lines leading to the Anatolian region via the Yavuz Selim Bridge, which connects Istanbul with its Asian side, while the people of the city's neighborhoods will be able to reach the hospital via a special metro line that was established for this purpose.

All these characters makes buying property in Basaksehir near its medical city a smart idea for a successful investment in Turkey real estate

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