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Transportation in Turkey

المواصلات في تركيا
Transportation in Turkey

The basis of a strong infrastructure … Transportation in Turkey

The Turkish government is working to expand the country’s infrastructure, and transportation projects are still growing and expanding. Data from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Navigation and Communications in the Republic of Turkey indicate that the value of investments in the transportation and communications sectors has reached about 380 billion Turkish liras during the last 15 years.

Transportation and transportation projects in Turkey

The Turkish government launched many projects in 2018, and it is considered a continuation of the major projects that have been implemented in the recent period, such as Yavuz Sultan Selim, Marmaray, Avrasya Tunnel, and the express train, in addition to the divided road networks, airports, and many other huge projects.

One of the largest projects being implemented in the current period is the third airport project in the European section of Istanbul, and we should not forget the Ovit mountain tunnel, which is the second-longest tunnel in the world. It passes under the sea and contains a tunnel to cross cars and a subway at the same time.

The projects do not stop there, the Turkish government is implementing many important and new projects, including the 1915 Çanakkale bridge project, in addition to the Artvin-Rize airport and the logistics center project in Kars, which complements the train line linking Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, In addition to several subway projects, which are planned to be implemented in the coming period.

Public transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul is the beating heart of Turkey and its tourist and economic center, making it the most developed city in terms of housing projects and infrastructure, which requires many means of transportation capable of meeting the requirements of this city.

What are the means of transportation in Istanbul?

1. Buses in Istanbul

It is the most widespread and widely used means within the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, and it is the preferred method for many of the city's residents.

2. Metrobus Istanbul

The Metrobus line connects the Asian and European parts of the city, and the means are fast, as it has one dedicated road and specific stations to stop and serve passengers.

3. Istanbul Metro:

It is the fastest means of transportation in the city, and it works from six in the morning and ends at midnight on normal days, and it connects the areas of Istanbul with each other, whether urban or residential, and the Turkish government has implemented a wide metro network in both the Asian and European section, and we will In subsequent articles, we provide a detailed explanation of this network and study its relationship with investment projects in Istanbul

4. Istanbul sea ferries:

Sea ferries are used to transport passengers and cars between the European and Asian continents, in addition to the presence of external lines that connect the city with other cities such as Bursa and the islands.

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