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Uskudar district of Istanbul

منطقة اسكودار في ياقة اسطنبول الأناضولية
Uskudar district of Istanbul

Uskudar district heart of the Anatolian collar of Istanbul

Istanbul has many tourist areas that fascinate the hearts, and the tourist areas are not limited to the European section, but the Asian section is also famous for a group of natural and archaeological tourist places.

Uskudar is one of the most famous Asian regions of Istanbul, located on the shore of Istanbul from the Asian section of the Bosphorus Strait through Besiktas.

Uskudar is famous for many places that attract tourists, where you can enjoy the golden beaches, rest in various cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea, visit the Girl’s Tower, in addition to going to Çamlıca (brides) hill and Fathi Pasha Orchard, and not forget the famous historical places such as the mosques of the sixteenth century and the fountains.

The most famous neighborhoods of Uskudar in Asian Istanbul:


Kuzguncuk district is located in the north of Uskudar towards the Bosphorus. It is famous for its colorful houses overlooking the Bosphorus. This neighborhood attracts many tourists to enjoy its restaurants and cafes with a charming view of the sea.


This coastal neighborhood is famous for its Beylerbeyi Palace under the Bosphorus Bridge. The Beylerbeyi district is also located north of Uskudar and embraces many tourist places such as mosques, palaces, restaurants overlooking the sea, and hotels, the most famous of which is the boutique hotel.


The coastal district of Cengelkoy is located in the heart of nature with its perennial trees and luxurious palaces and is also located to the north of Uskudar.

Why do investors prefer Uskudar real estate?

Uskudar embraces many tourist areas that attract many tourists and investors who want to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul, but real estate prices in Uskudar are higher than the rest of the areas in Istanbul, and the price of the property is ultimately determined by a group of factors such as real estate and the year of construction.

As for the real estate within the Bosphorus shore, it is considered very high due to its special location and its luxurious construction, such as palaces and houses.

Advantages of buying a property in Uskudar

Uskudar is the home of the Ottoman heritage and the most famous area to own real estate in the Asian section of Istanbul

Obtaining Turkish citizenship: Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property in Turkey with a value of at least 400,000 US dollars in addition to a residence permit.

Guaranteed Profits: The level of risk in the real estate field is low due to the increasing demand for Istanbul real estate, and the right choice of residence and type of investment plays the main factor in increasing the value of profits.

Cost of Living: Living costs in Turkey are inexpensive when compared to European lengths, such as electricity, gas, insurance and property taxes.

The return on investment: Uskudar is a rich investment area, as it is an area that includes a large number of successful residential and commercial real estate projects. Therefore, it has become an important investment area in Istanbul, with different types of housing available that are suitable for families' housing because of the calm, safety and high-end living it provides.

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