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What distinguishes Istanbul houses

مميزات بيوت اسطنبول
What distinguishes Istanbul houses
What distinguishes Istanbul houses

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe and embraces nearly 16 million people. It is the city with the largest population in Turkey, and it is the economic, tourist, and cultural capital of the Turkish state. It also enjoys a distinguished geographical location on both the Asian and European continents, as well as a large number of natural and archaeological tourist areas, all of which made it the most suitable place for residence and stability and a dream for many people to own a property in this ancient city.

Istanbul house prices

The distinctive thing about Istanbul is that it is a city that does not age but rather becomes more beautiful, glamorous, and renewed through its huge and successive projects that do not stop. It is a dream for many people to reside and settle within.

Anyone who wants to settle in Istanbul will find in his search for the most suitable apartment for him a disparity in house prices between one region and another, but this is normal and would raise investment opportunities that provide apartments and houses for different budgets, and therefore anyone can own an apartment in Istanbul at the price that suits him in The facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors such as real estate residence in Turkey and reductions on the real estate tax, up to the possibility of granting Turkish citizenship to investors under certain conditions.

Why do foreigners prefer Istanbul homes

The most important thing is the geographical location of Istanbul, which includes the European and Asian continents and embraced many suburbs and residential areas, which gave it the advantage of diversifying real estate prices to suit different budgets, in addition to the cultural diversity within the city, which includes all races, nationalities and various customs and traditions, which gives the foreign person a sense of belonging And do not forget the environmental aspect of Istanbul, as it is surrounded by seas and many rivers flow within it, such as the Alibeykoy River and the Kagithane River.

Distinctive options and various prices are what makes Istanbul houses preferred

Istanbul attracts all foreign investors because it contains many options and alternatives, which agree with all budgets and capabilities. The location of the apartment in Istanbul or the house plays the largest role in determining the price. The difference can appear clearly between real estate in the Asian part and similar ones in the European part, or even within locations varying within the European part

The transportation network plays an important role in real estate prices in Istanbul, as the proximity or distance of the property from the highway network and public transportation directly affects the price, and do not forget the services in the area of the apartment or house desired to be purchased, such as educational centers from schools and universities in addition to medical centers and government departments All of this is directly reflected in the price of the property or housing.

In the end, the buyer or investor can pay the value of the house or property in cash, which gives him the advantage of seeing the detailed prices, but the option of paying in installments may be the best option for others due to the emergency economic fluctuations.

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