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Apartment Interior with Red Accents

Uskudar Properties

Uskudar is a region located in the Asian section of Istanbul, located on the eastern shore of the Bosphorus Strait, opposite the European side of Istanbul. Uskudar is bordered on the west by the Bosphorus Strait and on the south by the Sea of Marmara. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Beykoz, Umraniye, Kadikoy, Malteba, and the highway D-100, Uskudar is one of the regions that witnessed many developments and investments, and witnessed remarkable progress in infrastructure and connections, in addition to residential, commercial and entertainment places, it is famous for modern residential buildings and commercial shopping centers, and it is famous for many recreational places, it has become a famous residential and commercial center in In recent years, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists due to its rich history and beautiful architecture, which makes it a favorite location for tourists and investors. The area is close to the Bosphorus Bridge, which provides easy access to the European side of the city.

Modern Apartment Complex
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تركيا | اسطنبول , مجمع براند اسطنبول | بيليك دوزو , مباشرة على طريق E5

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