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Real Estate Residency in Turkey

The Immigration Department in the Turkish provinces grants residency to foreign individuals who wish to own real estate in Turkey and settle there. This document allows its holder to legally obtain rights related to education, healthcare, and living.

Real Estate Residency in Turkey

The Immigration Department in the Turkish provinces grants residency to foreign individuals who wish to own real estate in Turkey and settle there. This document allows its holder to legally obtain rights related to education, healthcare, and living.

Although the residency is temporary and requires annual renewal, it provides the holder with the opportunity for continuous residence in Turkey. Additionally, family members, including spouses and children under the age of eighteen, are also entitled to obtain residency. We will provide detailed information about residency.

Residence features:

Residence in Turkey is a significant goal pursued by foreign investors, as it offers numerous advantages, including obtaining legal residence in Turkey, enabling family members to obtain property residence, including spouses and children under 18 years of age. Residence also allows for easy renewal, freedom of movement between Turkish states, and access to educational services in Turkish schools and universities. It provides free or substantial discounts on healthcare benefits in Turkey, including medical services in Turkish hospitals. After 8 years of residence in Turkey, permanent residence can be obtained, and residence holders can apply for Turkish citizenship if the property value reaches $400,000.

What is the minimum property value required to obtain residence?

The minimum property value required to obtain residence in Turkey depends on the city. For major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Gaziantep, Adana, and Mersin, the property's price should be $75,000 or more. In smaller Turkish cities, the property value should be at least $50,000 if foreign investors wish to obtain residence in Turkey. To ensure the issuance of residence, a property valuation report equivalent to the mentioned minimum value must be obtained.

The required documents for obtaining residence.

When starting the online appointment process on the Immigration Department's website, you should pay attention to the following information and notes. First, you must enter your name and surname exactly as they appear in your passport, especially for nationalities that have names written in a five-part or four-part format. The names should be distributed across the name and surname fields to match the name in your passport. It is not advisable to modify your name after obtaining the residence, as it can be costly and cause issues with bank account opening and legal procedures.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 are required to obtain health insurance to obtain residence in Turkey. However, health insurance is not an essential requirement for individuals under 18 or over 65 years of age. To obtain health insurance, a person must provide only 4 pieces of information: a copy of the passport or residence permit, a detailed address in Turkey, the start date of health insurance, and it is preferable that this date align with the date of the residence appointment application if it's the first time, or with the residence expiry date if it's a renewal. Health insurance prices vary based on age and gender, and you can click on the attached link for price details. As an official agent and partner for many private insurance companies, you can request health insurance through Istanbul Turkey Properties and benefit from the best prices and high quality.

Tax Number:

Obtaining a tax number is implicitly necessary to pay the residence fees that will be mentioned later, and it can be easily obtained through the website. Istanbul Turkey Properties advises providing accurate and passport-matching information, as later modifications can be time-consuming and effort-intensive. Once you obtain the tax number, you can save it on your mobile phone or as a hard copy for use in various future procedures until the residence is issued. You can request the tax number through Istanbul Turkey Properties.

Translation and notarization of a passport copy:

The process of authenticating and translating the passport into the Turkish language is carried out by a notary public in Turkey known as the "Noter." This is due to the difference in naming conventions between the Turkish system and other countries. Istanbul Turkey Properties advises keeping a translated and authenticated copy of the passport with the Noter, as you will need it for many subsequent transactions in Turkey. You can request a certified translation and authentication of your passport through Istanbul Turkey Properties.

Payment of Residence Fees:

The required fees for residence in Turkey vary depending on nationality, desired residence duration, and the exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Turkish Lira. These fees are divided into three categories. The first category includes the cost of printing the residence card, which is a fixed fee of 160 Turkish Lira in 2022, regardless of nationality or residence duration.

You can pay the fees through the official website or by visiting the nearest tax office. It's important to note that the visa fee surcharge cannot be paid through the website, and payments in Turkish Lira are only accepted at tax offices. The official website only accepts bank cards affiliated with Turkish government banks.

Personal photos

Recent biometric photos (less than 6 months old) are required - 4 photos are needed whether it's for the first-time residence application or renewal. Istanbul Turkey Properties recommends requesting an electronic copy of the photos via WhatsApp or email for later use in scheduling the online appointment.

The visa and the latest entry stamp into the Republic of Turkey.
Earthquake Insurance for the Property Intended for Property Residence, or in Turkish, DASK:

You can request earthquake insurance through Properties Istanbul.

A copy of the title deed (Tapu) on which the residence will be established:

A detailed document regarding the apartment's address can be obtained through an official document called 'NUMARATAJ,' issued by the municipality to which the property belongs. It is advisable to apply for this document during the morning working hours before 11 AM to ensure obtaining it on the same day. Additionally, it's necessary to acquire a document confirming that the property is still in the name of its owner and has not undergone any changes. This document is called 'TAPU AKTIF KAYIT' in Turkish and is issued by the Land Registry Directorate responsible for the property. Care should be taken to update the information on this document and link it to the Turkish residence permit number after issuance.

It's worth mentioning that these documents can be obtained through the electronic system, but it's crucial to ensure that the information is updated and linked to the Turkish residence permit number after issuance.

Birth certificate for the individual or family members:

Obtaining certified documents for residence in Turkey requires their authentication from the foreign affairs authority of the home country and subsequently from the Turkish consulate. These documents must also be translated by a sworn translator, authenticated by a notary public, and the relevant Turkish governor's office in the city of residence. To prepare these required documents before coming to Turkey, Istanbul Turkey Properties can provide you with the necessary information that may not be readily available from any other source.

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