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who are we

We are a specialized real estate company in real estate consulting and many services related to the real estate and construction market in Turkey. Our main headquarters are located in Istanbul, Turkey, and we have been providing our services since 2015. Recently, we have expanded to offer all real estate services in several Turkish cities, including Trabzon, Antalya, Izmir, and others. We also have strong relationships with major Turkish construction companies to provide the best services to foreign investors and individuals interested in buying properties in Turkey. Istanbul Properties has consistently succeeded in meeting customer requirements with precision, thanks to the extensive practical experience and a good reputation of the company's team in the Istanbul and Turkish real estate market in general.

Our vision

Our company's vision is to provide stable land and a wide range of real estate investment options in Turkey that align with the aspirations of all those seeking stability or investment in the earthly paradise that is Turkey. It is considered a safe haven and a preferred destination for many people from different parts of the world. We, along with our diverse team, are committed to offering consultations related to marketing Turkish real estate and all the essential details to assist our customers in finding the right property. We provide a comprehensive and varied range of services that ensure a smooth and hassle-free property purchase process, all within a legal framework that safeguards the rights of our clients, allowing them to attain their dream property and successful investments according to their capabilities.

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You may wonder why you should choose our company

We are one of the few companies that deal with the most important and trusted construction companies in Turkey. In addition to our extensive network of projects across various cities in Turkey, which offer a wide range of real estate options. Our call center team assists customers throughout the entire purchase process. Starting with our sales team, which engages with customers through phone calls or social media applications, gathers important and comprehensive information about the customer's vision and preferences. The call center team provides all the suitable options accordingly.

Once an agreement is reached and the customer arrives in Turkey, we provide a team for airport reception and accompany the customer for property tours and direct project inspections to provide a better understanding and make a final decision. After selecting a property, the company provides a team of experts to handle all legal and financial transactions in a way that ensures your full rights. We don't leave the customer after completing the purchase; our services continue to include various facilities related to investment, transactions, legal procedures, and government dealings concerning the property. Additionally, we offer maintenance and rental services and more.

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Why is our team of real estate consultants the best?

Firstly, our team possesses extensive knowledge of all real estate projects in various cities in Turkey, in addition to our relationships with various construction companies. On the other hand, our sales staff listens carefully to the customer's preferences and offers them tailored options. Our team also provides a comprehensive understanding to the customer regarding all aspects of buying property in Turkey, living in Turkey, and investing in Turkey, including laws, taxes, living standards, and available services.

We also ensure that the customer is well-informed about all the news, decisions, laws, and new amendments related to property ownership in Turkey. We explain the details of the purchase process step by step to the customer before they come to see the property and complete the purchase. Our staff also provides all the information to the customer about obtaining Turkish citizenship through property ownership and the necessary procedures if the goal of buying the property is for investment.

Our team of real estate consultants focuses on creating a secure investment strategy for the customer, taking their preferences and aspirations into account. We select the appropriate properties for all requirements, following a comprehensive strategy that begins with field analysis, financial and administrative feasibility studies, assessment of potential and possible risks, and outlining investment steps that align with the customer's intentions.

Furthermore, our team is proficient in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, French, and Turkish, providing customers from various countries with all the details related to real estate and real estate investment.

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