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Turkish Citizenship through Investment

Turkey is one of the leading countries in heavy industries, electronics, and technological industries in the Middle East and North Africa, known for its high capabilities, significant resources, and abundant natural wealth

Turkish Citizenship through Investment

Turkish Citizenship through Industrial or Commercial Investment

Turkey is one of the leading countries in heavy industries, electronics, and technological industries in the Middle East and North Africa, known for its high capabilities, significant resources, and abundant natural wealth

Turkey is considered one of the leading countries in heavy industries, electronics, and technological industries in the Middle East and North Africa, known for its high capabilities, significant resources, and abundant natural wealth. Turkey encourages industrial investment through a regulatory framework, tax incentives, and comprehensive support services for investors, making it highly suitable for industrial investments.

We mention the most important and useful points for the field of industrial and commercial investment.

The most significant advantages of industrial and commercial investment in Turkey, and the most important and famous industrial cities and requirements
  • Since the publication of the additional provisions to Law No. 5901 on January 12, 2017, foreign citizens investing in Turkey have been granted the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, including investors in the Turkish industrial sector

  • Industrial investment in Turkish industries is one of the best and most robust investment options, especially for new investors. The Turkish government has established industrial cities in most cities, providing incentives to investors in these cities in terms of infrastructure and available services. Given that Turkish society is young and vibrant, there is an abundant and cost-effective labor force available for the production cycle. Additionally, tax exemptions are available when purchasing land, industrial facilities, and real estate

  • As a result of the aforementioned factors, Turkey has become a destination for many foreign investors and producers, whether for opening branches in Turkey or starting small and medium-sized projects in the country

  • Industrial production and Turkish exports account for 29% of the total national income and employ approximately 20% of the workforce in Turkey.

  • Industrial cities are distributed across almost all Turkish cities, and there is competition among them to provide the best services for industrialists and investors in various industrial sectors. Within Turkish territory, there are approximately 280 industrial cities. For example, the city of Izmir is known for its automotive parts and automobile industries. Kayseri excels in the manufacturing of household furniture and furnishings in general. Gaziantep and Istanbul are known for their textile industries and ready-made clothing. The Turkish city of Sakarya hosts a mixed industrial city with various sectors, including ready-made kitchens

  • The support and abundance of raw materials, along with a skilled and cost-effective labor force, have led to the flourishing of industries in Turkey. Additionally, the Turkish government's support for industries and efforts to transform the Turkish economy into an industrial one should not be overlooked

  • The most significant advantage of investing in Turkey is the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship for all family members, whether through a real estate investment of $400,000 US dollars or a bank deposit of $500,000 US dollars, or through industrial investment, provided that very simple and easy conditions are met by the genuine investor in terms of a certain number of employees and a specific capital starting at $500,000 US dollars

The specific conditions for industrial investment in Turkey are:

These are simple conditions, or rather just routine legal procedures performed by the citizen or foreigner interested in investment, whether in real estate, industry, banking, and more.

  1. Obtaining an official residence permit in the country of Turkey, regardless of its type, as a starting point.

  2. Obtaining proof of ownership or the title deed in the case of real estate investment, or the bank deposit certificate in the case of banking investment. Or a factory lease contract or sale of the factory in the case of industrial investment

  3. Commencing work with the necessary licenses to start the business legally (click here to establish companies)

  4. Commencing the issuance of a work residence permit.

  5. Passport translated into Turkish and notarized by a notary public.

  6. Obtaining the personal tax number.

  7. Some businesses may require special approvals from the relevant ministries based on the industrial activity.

According to Turkish law, foreign investors and Turkish citizen investors are treated equally without discrimination, especially in terms of financial and tax-related facilitations

Due to the multiple incentives in the field of industrial investment, in recent years, many investors have turned their attention to Turkey, appreciating the advantages of Turkey's central location, ease of export, and the government's encouragement of exports

Advantages of industrial investment in Turkey include:

Key advantages of industrial investment in Turkey include its unique geographical location, situated in between the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, abundant and diverse transportation and shipping options through air, land, and sea ports, lower investment costs compared to many other countries, diversity in projects and industries, a rich and varied economy, government support for exports, proper infrastructure, the availability of cost-effective and skilled labor, and various other notable benefits

1- Turkish industrial cities are located in most cities:

One of the most important factors for attracting investors to Turkey is the presence of industrial cities that have complete infrastructure for starting production, including electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, and waste treatment, along with connectivity to major roadways. The state encourages work within these cities. Industrial cities are distributed across all Turkish cities, numbering around 280 or more. Some of the incentives offered by the government to both foreign and Turkish investors include:

  • Exemption from value-added tax when purchasing land

  • Exemption from property tax for a period of five years when establishing an industrial facility

  • Lower costs for water, electricity, and industrial gas compared to other countries.

  • Exemption of industrial facilities from municipal taxes.

  • Exemption of solid waste from municipal taxes if the factory is located within an industrial city that does not benefit from municipal services.

  • Refunds and tax discounts on the export of industrial products.

  • Once the industrial investment amount exceeds $500,000 US dollars or officially employs 50 Turkish citizens, you can obtain Turkish citizenship for yourself and your family. After obtaining Turkish citizenship, if you achieve exports exceeding $1 million US dollars in less than two years, you can obtain a special passport that allows you to enter the European Union with an electronic visa and obtain the U.S. visa as an investor without any difficulties.

2- Infrastructure and supply and export lines:

Strong infrastructure is the first and most crucial point when starting an industrial project. The type and quality of services provided, the support and exemptions offered by the Turkish government, the unique geographical location connecting the East and the West, the abundance of land, sea, and air ports, and the availability of raw materials and cost-effective, skilled labor.

3- Some statistics and reasons for the success of the Turkish economy:

The aforementioned factors, including incentives, strong infrastructure, skilled and cost-effective labor, supply and export lines, and multiple export methods and mechanisms, along with state support for all of these, have led to the emergence and dominance of the Turkish economy in certain sectors. Turkey is considered one of the top 20 strongest economies globally. Here are some statistics about the Turkish economy in recent years.

  • The Turkish GDP increased from 230 billion to 800 billion in 2014.

  • A 250% increase in Turkish exports from 2002 to 2014.

  • Turkey entering the world's largest economies.

  • A significant increase in the number of foreign investors.

Turkey has become a destination for many investors due to the remarkable growth of the Turkish economy in recent years.

4- Some of the strongest investment areas in Turkey:

Turkey offers the advantage of diversity in investment and industrial sectors, but it is important to note that these are some of the well-known areas for potential investment. It is essential to conduct thorough research on projects and investments. It is not a specific recommendation from us as a company. Any business or investment requires adequate and comprehensive market research, understanding of its requirements, raw materials, potential clients, and so on. Investment advice from Istanbul Real Estate includes feasibility studies for projects, securing the supply chains for raw materials, market distribution, and all investment-related details before starting.

  • Investment in the textile and ready-made clothing industries.

  • Investment in the automotive spare parts and automobile industry.

  • Investment in the electronics industry.

  • Investment in the food industry.

  • Investment in heavy industries, iron, and steel.

  • Investment in the furniture and furnishings industry.

5- The most famous industrial cities in Turkey:

We will mention a number of the most famous industrial cities in Turkey without specific order or recommendation. Conduct your prior research, and this list does not constitute a recommendation for every industrial sector. Priorities determine the best choice.

  • Organized Industrial Zone in Kayseri, Turkey, primarily concentrated in the home furnishings and furniture industry.

  • Tosyaab Industrial City located in the Bursa province of Turkey, focusing on fabric and thread manufacturing.

  • Eitosab Industrial City in Istanbul, Turkey, where some medical, fabric, home furniture, paper, and various other industries are concentrated.

  • Sosyab Industrial City, located in Sakarya, renowned for plastic, technology, electrical, medical, and sports industries.

  • Ostim Industrial City, the largest industrial city located in Ankara, containing textile factories, automotive spare parts, and sports equipment.

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