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Real Estate Tours in Turkey

Real estate tours are tours conducted by Spectrum Real Estate Company to showcase properties available for sale to potential customers. These tours typically involve viewing the properties both from the inside and outside, and obtaining detailed information about the specifications and technical details of the properties.

Real Estate Tours in Turkey

Real estate tours are tours conducted by Spectrum Real Estate Company to showcase properties available for sale to potential customers. These tours typically involve viewing the properties both from the inside and outside, and obtaining detailed information about the specifications and technical details of the properties.

The company's employees arrange appointments for customers interested in visiting the properties, and a staff member accompanies them, providing explanations about all the details related to the properties being viewed, including prices, areas, locations, and available services. The reception by the company's employees of customers interested in tours is an important aspect that contributes to making the process more professional and smooth. Employees at Istanbul Properties are prepared to receive clients on time, understand their needs, and guide them appropriately.

Furthermore, Istanbul Properties' employees are well-versed in the technical and legal information of the properties being viewed. They possess good communication skills and professionalism when interacting with clients. When selecting the appropriate properties for clients, they work to provide the necessary support to facilitate a smooth and efficient buying or renting process.

The service of property tours and reception is divided into important parts in the stages of property tours and reception as follows:

Reception from all Istanbul airports

The client is welcomed by an Istanbul real estate representative at the main arrival gate of the airport. They will display a promotional sign with the client's full name. The client is then accompanied to a luxurious car with a driver and a representative who is fluent in Arabic, English, and Turkish. The representative will drive the client to the hotel where they will be staying, allowing them to relax and recover from any travel fatigue.

Providing hotel reservations for the client.

When the client chooses Properties Istanbul in Turkey, they can enjoy a unique experience. In addition to the exceptional reception services upon their arrival at the airport, they are hosted in a luxurious hotel located in a convenient location, offering all the comforts. The hotel features 24-hour room service and serves delicious meals in its international restaurants. To provide a comfortable and hassle-free stay, the Istanbul Properties team remains in constant contact with the client during the property purchase process and even after, to meet all their requirements and needs according to their stay in Turkey.

The client is welcomed at Properties Istanbul's office and provided with the best property offers.

Properties Istanbul offers its clients a unique service, allowing them to get a closer look at the staff and the real estate marketing process in the company. This is done by welcoming clients to the company's headquarters, where a direct meeting is held between them and the sales representative to explain all available projects and the legal steps for property ownership in Turkey.

In addition, during this meeting, the client can ask any questions or inquiries they want to know before starting the property tours. The sales representative and Properties Istanbul's team answer all these questions and inquiries in a professional and transparent manner, allowing the client to make an informed decision about the property they wish to purchase.

Field tours at suitable projects

Properties Istanbul's team accompanies the client on exciting property tours, providing them with the opportunity to have a firsthand experience exploring all the available projects in Istanbul and beyond. This allows the client to gain valuable insights into the different project details, including comprehensive information about services, facilities, transportation networks, and vital facilities surrounding the projects.

The available client tours include visits to ready-for-sale projects, such as apartments and villas, as well as numerous new projects under construction, which encompass apartments, commercial units, and various other options.

The company's representative provides assistance and guidance to the client during the property tour, explaining all the potential advantages and disadvantages of each project and answering any questions and inquiries the client may have. After the tour is completed, the client can make an informed decision regarding the property that best suits their needs and requirements.

Accompany the client in completing the purchase process.

Properties Istanbul places the comfort of its clients at the top of its priorities, as the company and the client are pursuing all necessary steps to facilitate its safe and secure departure from Turkey. If the client decides to return to his country, a luxury vehicle will be provided to move him from his place of residence to the airport by organizing a specific timetable to avoid any undesirable delays.

The company's sponsorship does not end at this point. The Istanbul real estate team is following with the client all the procedures required at the airport, starting with the registration of arrival, delivery of the bags, confirmation of flight bookings and the receipt of the boarding card and passport stamp. All these steps come to ensure a comfortable and no-problem departure for the client, and reflect the firm's commitment to provide a comprehensive and integrated service to its clients at all different stages of Turkey's real estate investment process.

Tours in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey

Properties Istanbul offers a privileged service to its clients through free real estate tours in Istanbul, where visitors wishing to invest real estate in Turkey can visit all projects and watch them closely. The service is not limited to Istanbul only, where customers travelling to Turkey for the purchase of real estate are provided with real estate tours in various Turkish cities, such as Exchange, Ankara, Tarabzon, Skaria and Antalya.

These tours allow clients to view projects in Istanbul and Turkey with direct access to the completion rate and check out typical apartments or villas that vary according to the design of construction companies, thus helping them to make the best decision in real estate investment.

This exclusive service of Istanbul real estate investment is intended to accompany the client during all stages of the real estate investment process, from rounds to the completion of the procurement procedures and from Turkey, where the company also provides the customer transportation service to and from the airport and the exit procedures, to provide a distinct and smooth real estate investment experience for its clients.

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