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Istanbul International Airport

مطار اسطنبول الدولي
Istanbul International Airport

Istanbul International Airport… a developing project

The airport is located in the Arnavutkoy district in the Turkish city of Istanbul, the intersection point of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and it serves as one of the most important aviation hubs in the world in a strategic geographical location that connects the continents. In the last decade, the international air transport sector expanded by 5.6% globally, while Turkey achieved a growth of 14%

Istanbul, which has become one of the most prominent aviation and transportation hubs in the world, has a leading role in these growth figures.

According to data from the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the number of foreign tourists coming to Istanbul in 2017 increased by 17.8%, compared to the previous year. in 2018.

Istanbul International Airport enhances Istanbul, being a great geographical center from east to west, with its very high capacity, various types of facilities and sound infrastructure foundations.

With its strategic location in the middle of transportation routes, Istanbul acts as an attraction point for transit flights between the USA and Europe, as well as the Middle East, Central Asia and Northern India.

Today, Istanbul International Airport launches flights to a total of 146 destinations on different continents within 3 hours connecting more than 120 countries, more than 60 capitals, more than 250 international destinations and 50 domestic destinations. When the airport is fully operational, the number of flight destinations will exceed 350.

What's new at Istanbul International Airport?

In addition to being the most important cultural center in the region, Istanbul International Airport (iGA) continues to stand out by offering outstanding services and unforgettable experiences during Ramadan to its guests.

In the month of Ramadan, when centuries-old traditions are revived and perfectly arranged Iftar tables bring us together, Istanbul International Airport offers its guests the opportunity to experience Ramadan in an atmosphere that embodies our traditional culture in all its spirituality.

Istanbul International Airport welcomes its visitors, which has been specially decorated for the month of Ramadan, with extraordinary artistic and cultural activities that are in keeping with Istanbul's history, culture and spirituality.

Also at Istanbul International Airport, Karagoz, Hacivat, Kavuklu and Pisekar performances, shadow plays, puppets and maddahs are presented to reflect the spirit and cultural colors of Ramadan, which are of great importance to the Islamic world.

Istanbul Airport City Project

The Istanbul Airport City project is being developed within the Istanbul Airport project area. Istanbul Airport City, which includes hotels, offices, shopping malls, entertainment areas, hospitals, mosques, educational buildings and logistics areas, will not only host the airport users but also the entire Istanbul population as well as international visitors and businesses.

As the first and only city in Turkey, it will set a precedent for future airport cities in terms of size, mix of international brands and modern design.

The Istanbul Airport master plan was designed by Perkins + Will, a world-class design firm. Four main areas of different sizes and characteristics and design of commercial parcels and social areas are identified in a compatible way.

The phased works have been carried out keeping in mind the huge scale of the entire project in addition to that A "Core Zone" has also been designed inside of it.

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