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Ownership transfer of properties in Turkey

ما هي عملية نقل ملكية العقار في تركيا
Ownership transfer of properties in Turkey

Ownership transfer of properties in Turkey ?

It is an official legal document through which property rights are transferred from a person or entity to another individual or entity, and the ownership of the property is transferred through an official deed. In real estate from renting, selling, or investing in Turkey.

Not much information is mentioned in this document and therefore it is very short the legal description of the property is mentioned in the title deed and most cases, it is possible to mention the conditions and confirmations agreeing to the transfer.

No person can prove ownership of any property without publishing this document, which is extracted from the Land Registry Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Turkish Cities. Once the person receives this document, he becomes the official owner of the property.

stages of transferring real estate ownership in Turkey one it cost:

As for the cost of transferring ownership, laws and regulations in Turkey stipulate that 4% of the value of the total amount of the sale price be paid to the Directorate of Land Registry, and this percentage is considered official transaction fees, and this percentage is divided between the buyer and seller and these fees are paid in full to enable the transfer of ownership of the property.

As for the stages and steps of the process of transferring real estate ownership in Turkey and obtaining a real estate title deed, they are as follows:

  • The buyer must be present in Turkey, and if he is not present, in this case, a trusted person shall be appointed on his behalf through a certified agency issued by the consulate of the mother country, or the Turkish embassy located there.

  • Obtaining a tax number from the tax department.

  • Submit a copy of the investor's passport, to be translated and certified by a Turkish notary

  • And then go to the Land Registry Department with the seller of the property to give up the property

  • The last step is for the new buyer to receive his title deed

Information to be mentioned in the title deed of a property in Turkey:

The name of the owner and his photo shall be mentioned, in addition to mentioning the type of property, its location, the area of the property with an accurate description of the property concerned, the data of the buyer, and finally the signature of the individual or entity transferring the ownership

What are the documents required to obtain a title deed in Turkey?

  1. A copy of the personal identity of the buyer with two personal photos of him

  2. Real estate appraisa document (for foreign investors)

  3. Seller profile picture

  4. The real estate registry document.

  5. An insurance policy against earthquakes and disasters.

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