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New updates about the Turkish passport

تحديثات حول جواز السفر التركي
New updates about the Turkish passport

New updates about the Turkish passport

The distinguished geographical position that Turkey occupies among the countries of the world, as a bridge between the Asian and European continents,

and land, sea, and air trade road between the East and the West.

And continuing to build huge investment projects that greatly benefit Turkey and its economies, such as the Istanbul Airport, the largest medical city in Europe Basaksehir Medical City and Istanbul Canal project, and the new metro lines.

Made investors choose Turkey to invest especially in Turkey real estate and obtain Turkish citizenship through it, which opens the way for them to obtain one of the most important passports in the world.

Advantages of the Turkish passport

People who have obtained Turkish citizenship are entitled to obtain the Turkish passport immediately after obtaining the citizenship.

The obtaining process of the Turkish passport is relatively short, up to 30 days, and it is valid for 10 years, and can be renewed for life.

The advantages:

  • visa-free entry to 77 countries, easy entry to 26 Schengen countries, and traveling to 33 countries and automatically obtaining a visa on arrival.

  • traveling to more than 8 countries by obtaining an electronic visa online.

  • The Turkish passport is one of the 30 best passports in the world.

  • A Turkish citizens get free tuition fees and payment plans for the university

  • The holder of it gets all the medical rights offered to Turkish citizens.

  • And can benefit from the retirement plan as a Turkish citizen.

  • It grants the right to vote for all kinds of elections in Turkey.

  • People who hold Turkish passports can obtain dual citizenship, meaning that the foreigner can maintain his original citizenship.

New update about Turkish passport

Recently the Turkish government has released a new version of the Turkish passport,

This includes new designs and technologies, where the new passport compared to the passport in use today, contains many innovations that give great security features and technologies.

The new domestic electronic passport also contains a contactless chip with an operating system (TÜBİTAK AKİS) and many new security elements, which makes it The best in the world.

and the serial production of the domestic passport, in which design studies and trial production have been successfully completed, has reached the final stage.

But what’s so special about this new Turkish passport

For the first time, "Türkiye" will be written instead of "Turkey" on the new passport, and each page will contain pictures of historical, cultural, and spiritual values ​​belonging to different cities in Turkey, and a special botanical picture of each city.

The pages of this new Turkish passport are the most secure in the world, and like all other international passports, the new Turkish passport combines the most prominent cultural monuments and features of Turkey, as its pages will be filled with national monuments.

Starting with the Topkapi Palace and ending with the historic Parliament building, with the Hagia Sophia Mosque in the middle.

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