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Nisantasi in Istanbul sophistication and authenticity

حي نيشان تاشي موطن عراقة اسطنبول
Nisantasi in Istanbul sophistication and authenticity

Nisantasi in Istanbul sophistication and authenticity

In the middle of the nineteenth century AD, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed I chose the area as his residence, and he stimulated the residents of Istanbul to settle within it and longed for it. Hence the name of the Tesvikiye neighborhood was derived. As for the word Nisantasi, it is translated in Turkish into (stone marks) and constituted a target for the archers and the Ottoman sultans .

The area is characterized by its square shape, and the Sultan at that time ordered the construction of two obelisks, which formed the beginning and end points of the square. Several Ottoman inscriptions were engraved on them showing information about the date, the name of the archer, and the distance from which the arrow was thrown.

Sultan Abdul Majeed also directed the construction of the Tesvikiye Mosque, which was built in the modern Baroque style, and this mosque is still famous today.

After the end of the Balkan wars, that is, after 1913, the place received many Turks from Macedonia, and this place was the most preferred refuge for non-Turks such as Greece, Jews, Armenians, and residents of the Levant.

Nisantasi today

Nisantasi neighborhood is located in the Sisli district on the European side of Istanbul and embraces the largest gathering of various foreign nationalities after the Taksim area.

It is one of the most attractive tourist places in Istanbul, especially for lovers of luxury and shopping from the most famous international brands

One of the most important attractions in it is City's Nisantasi Mall, one of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul, which despite its small area attracts thousands of foreign tourists during their visit to the city.

The mall consists of 8 floors, the last two floors of which include fast food restaurants and luxurious local and international restaurants. It is located in Nisantasi, Istanbul, 15 minutes from Taksim.

Nisantasi real estate

Nowadays, Nisantasi Street is known as the Paris of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the finest and most luxurious residential areas in Istanbul. It contains a shopping center that includes many world-famous brands and a series of luxury European-style restaurants and cafes known for its delicious food and elegant atmosphere.

It is home to the wealthiest foreign community in Istanbul, next to the Taksim district. The elite of Turkish society also lives in the region, and Nisantasi has won international awards, in terms of the quality of accommodation, and its local social environment with privacy and openness at the same time.

Nisantasi is one of the most prestigious residential areas in Istanbul, and is characterized by containing a large number of luxury apartments, prepared for housing and a luxurious life, as it is surrounded by all kinds of distinctive services that are unique to Nisantasi from other Turkish regions.

Real estate prices in Istanbul in the Nisantasi neighborhood are rising compared to other areas in the city in particular and Turkish cities in general, as it is an important tourist and commercial center, and embraces many cultures and nationalities, making it the ideal area for profitable and secured real estate investment.

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