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The opening date of the Istanbul airport Metro line has been determined

افتتاح خط مترو مطار اسطنبول
The opening date of the Istanbul airport Metro line has been determined

The opening date of the Istanbul airport Metro line has been determined

‏Istanbul airport Metro which is decided to be the fastest Metro line in Turkey is about to be put into service in the next period of this year

‏After its construction has been completed and the Metro line has been installed

‏This Metro line is supposed to connect the new Istanbul airport with the Istanbul center or city center specifically Gayrettepe station

‏The properties of new Istanbul airport Metro line

it's supposed to be 38 km long including nine stations and it's scheduled to reach a speed of 120 km/h it's also expected to transport approximately 600,000 passengers daily and the Metro journey from the first station to the last will take about 40 minutes whole

‏It's important to mention as well that this Metro will pass through important places in Istanbul city such as kagithane, Taksim square, and Levant region

‏The foundation stone of the Istanbul airport Metro Line was laid in 2016

‏It's also important to mention that this Metroline is going to be merged with the Metrobus line in the Mecidiyekoy and Zincirlikuyu regions

‏It is also decided that this Metroline will be attached to the Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Line

‏All this is to facilitate movement from the largest airport in Turkey and one of the biggest airports in the world which is in Istanbul airport to different parts of the city

‏One of the properties of the new Istanbul airport Metro as well that it supports the concept of the smart tunnel which means supporting the local signing software system

‏The infrastructure of Istanbul has been enhanced in the last few years

‏In recent years the city of Istanbul has witnessed a huge development movement in the field of transportation, especially regarding the subway

‏Where the Marmaray metro line was opened which connects the Asian part of Istanbul with the European, not to mention that it's an underwater or undersea Metroline

‏On the other hand, a self-driving Metro line was opened as well

‏In addition to many stations and metro lines that were opened in the past few years which facilitated movement between sections of the city

‏Such projects that support the infrastructure of the city of Istanbul make it at the forefront in terms of development progress and services in both Turkey and the world

‏It also makes it a favorite destination for many tourist investors and real estate investment in Turkey

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