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Work and employment of foreigners in Turkey

فرص العمل وتوظيف الأجانب في تركيا
Work and employment of foreigners in Turkey

Work and employment of foreigners in Turkey

Turkey has emerged among the countries of the world in recent times as an economic center not to be underestimated and a destination for many investors and job seekers from all over the world. In return, the Turkish government has also worked to provide the necessary facilities to search for work, establish a business or enter the field of investments.

Among these facilities, the Turkish government issued a set of laws that allow foreigners to work within the Turkish state after obtaining a work permit by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, where the general plan of the state is studied with the market need for foreign labor, and then work permits are granted to foreigners in line with the market need And corporate demand.

Work permit for foreigners in Turkey

It is a permit for the right to practice work in Turkey officially and grants its owner to benefit from the advantages obtained by foreigners in Turkey, and the work permit is exempted in the name of work permit or investor residence.

It should be clarified that foreigners cannot apply for a work permit themselves, but the employer must apply to Turkey.

What are the conditions to get a Work permit for foreigners in Turkey?
  • The foreigner must have a valid passport or travel document

  • The person wishing to work must have a tourist residence permit in Turkey, with a validity of not less than 6 months. In cases where no tourist residence is available, the person must apply for a work permit in Turkey through the Turkish embassy or consulate in his home country.

  • When obtaining a work permit, the ministry must be reviewed 60 days before the end of the permit to be extended, and Turkish law stipulates that when the second extension is requested, the extension is for two years, and in the third extension, the permit is extended for three years.

  • It is recommended that a foreigner wishing to work in Turkey be well practiced in the Turkish language

Working conditions of foreigners in Turkey

The Turkish Labor Law limits the number of weekly working hours to 45 hours per week at most, to be distributed equally over the days of the week, or the employer can agree with the worker or employee to arrange working hours within the limits stipulated by the Labor Law

As for the hours that a person does not work more than the maximum, they are considered additional hours and he is given an additional material wage in return.

The Turkish Labor Code also provides for paid leave on weekends and public holidays.

One of the conditions of employment in Turkey is that one foreign worker for every five Turkish workers is employed in the company. Several professions and jobs require the employment of Turks only, such as lawyers, notary staff, customs and immigration, nursing, veterinarians, and pharmacists.

What are the job opportunities available for foreigners in Turkey ?

Job opportunities for foreigners in Turkey are concentrated in the field of tourism, the real estate market, or international organizations. The owners of these businesses prefer to employ foreigners because they are fluent in several languages, as these businesses depend mainly on expatriates and foreign investors.

Foreigners can also employ their expertise in several fields in Turkey, such as engineering, translation, marketing, accounting, and public relations management, in addition to doctors with certain specialties and technological technicians.

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