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Çamlica Mosque

مسجد تشامليجا بمناظر مذهلة وأرقام تاريخية مميزة
Çamlica Mosque

Çamlica Mosque, amazing views, and distinctive historical figures:

Çamlıca Mosque sits on top of the hill of brides aka Çamlica Hill, one of the most important tourist destinations in Asian Istanbul, and draws attention from afar from both sides of the Bosphorus.

It is considered an important landmark in Turkish history, in which the building blended the Seljuk Ottoman style with the contemporary style.

construction of the mosque

Çamlica Mosque is located on the top of Çamlica Hill or Bride’s Hill, which is the highest peak in the Asian section of Istanbul. Its construction began in 2013. This huge mosque was inaugurated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday, corresponding to May 3, 2019. The opening ceremony was of a high level, and delegations from several countries were received, in addition to the presence of huge numbers of citizens who flocked to witness this great event.

The Çamlıca Mosque is considered the largest mosque in Turkey, with an area of ​​57,500 square meters, a total area of ​​350,000 square meters, and a capacity to accommodate 63,000 worshippers.

Çamlıca Mosque Design

The mosque was designed impressively at all levels, as the splendor of the Ottoman building was manifested, and many Islamic and historical symbols and connotations were considered and included in the designs, including:

Çamlıca Mosque includes six minarets, which express the six pillars of faith, among them, four minarets with three balconies, 107.1 meters long, which signify the victory of the Seljuk Turks over the Byzantine state in the important Battle of Manzikert, a battle that confirmed Turkish influence in Anatolia, and the remaining minarets were with two balconies and a length 90 meters.

As for the dome of the mosque, it was of dimensions symbolizing the city of Istanbul. The diameter of the dome is 34 meters, its height is 72 meters, and the number 72 refers to a nation that lived in Istanbul.

On the face of the dome were engraved 16 of the names of God, which are mentioned in the last two verses of Surah Al-Hashr, and the number 16 symbolizes the sixteen countries and empires that branched off from Turkish origins:

Kuk-Turk State, Timurid Empire, Seljuk Empire, Ak-hun Empire, Hun Empire in Europe, Western Hun Empire, Great Hun Empire, Indo-Babylonian Empire, Khazars State, Uyghur State, Awar State, Khwarezm State, Ghaznavid State, Golden Horde State, The State of the Black Khans.

A crescent pole was installed over the dome of the Çamlıca Mosque, with a width of 3.12 meters, a height of 7.77 meters, and a weight of 4.5 tons, the largest in the world, and nanotechnology was used to color it.

In addition to the mosque, a museum, an art center, and a library were built, in addition to a conference hall, a craft workshop, and a very large car park that serves the needs of worshipers and visitors.

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