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A guide for buying a property in Antalya 2023

دليل إرشادي نحو شراء عقار في أنطاليا 2023
A guide for buying a property in Antalya 2023

A guide for buying a property in Antalya 2023

There are many real estate investment destinations in Turkey, and perhaps the most important and most famous is Antalya, which is known as the capital of tourism in Turkey, which ranked second in the list of the highest sales of apartments in Turkey to foreigners, and the city of Istanbul ranked first.

The best types of investment properties in Antalya


There are many high-end residential complexes in Antalya that have attracted the interest of investors or those wishing to settle because of their services and luxury features dedicated to families, in addition to social and sports centers and security protection designated for each complex. Despite the high quality of these residential complexes and their distinctive views, one can be purchased Apartments in Antalya within these complexes at an acceptable price compared to major Turkish cities such as Istanbul.


Villas in Antalya are famous for their beautiful designs, high specifications, and proximity to the city center, in addition to their relatively acceptable price. They are equipped with a private pool in the villa, a garden, and distinguished service and recreational facilities. Therefore, these villas constitute an ideal opportunity for a successful real estate investment, especially for renting the villa in the tourism season, where the returns can reach up to 10% of the property value in one year.


Antalya is famous for the abundance of fertile land suitable for agriculture, and the idea of ​​buying land in Antalya is a distinctive investment idea and can result in good profits, but it is the responsibility of the investor to study the location of the land and the type of investment desired, and the investor can buy fertile land in Antalya and then build a house in it and from Then he can rent the land with the house or even sell it.

Advantages of buying a property in Antalya

The city of Antalya is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey and is witnessing a heavy turnout during the tourism season, and it is difficult for any tourist to obtain any hotel reservation or an apartment without pre-booking, and therefore owning a property in Antalya eliminates the need to search for hotel reservations and enables you to spend the most beautiful holidays Within this city that is full of life, and buying a property to rent it in the tourism season is one of the best investment opportunities to achieve stable and guaranteed profits, and do not forget the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying a property worth 400 thousand dollars.

Advantages of investing in Antalya real estate

There is a lot of talk about the advantages of real estate investment in Antalya, whether to own or lease, as Antalya is famous for its tourist, economic, and geographical position, and it has the ingredients that make it the second tourist city in Turkey, and therefore the idea of real estate investment in it is one of the successful ideas, especially when studying the real estate market and choosing real estate With open views of the sea or closer to the city center.

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