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Advantages of buying property in Turkey

ماهي مميزات تملك عقار في تركيا 2023 ؟
Advantages of buying property in Turkey

Advantages of buying property in Turkey

Why do you want to own a property in Turkey?

The investment possibilities in Turkey are numerous and various , as it is a favorite tourist and commercial destination for many people from around the world, and any residential or commercial investment within this country, especially in Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey

will surely bring back many advantages and benefits to its owner, as real estate investment is one of the strongest, safest and least risky types of investments.

Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

You can obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property in Turkey that worth at least 400 thousand US dollars, and thus you can obtain the Turkish passport, which tops the list of the most powerful passports in the world, as it allows you to travel to more than 70 countries without a visa permit, as well as It offers several facilities when obtaining a travel visa to the countries of the European Union.

Obtaining real estate residency in Turkey

Once you buy a property in Turkey, you can directly obtain real estate residency in Turkey, which is considered the best type of residency in Turkey, which allows you to move within the borders of the Turkish state freely, that is in addition to the possibility of bringing your family and granting them residency as well.

Consistent high profits

Real estate investment in Turkey is the safest, as it allows the investor to quickly grant the capital and obtain good profits. It is worth noting that real estate prices in Turkey are rising, which increases the profit rate. The property can be rented during the tourist seasons throughout the year at good prices, and it is also possible to rent The property for young people, students and workers, especially properties with a small area.

Expanding joint investment with Turkey

This type of investment ensures the ease of managing the investor's business in both home country and Turkey, as he can merge his business between his home country and the Turkish state and thus achieve investment returns in the other country as well.

Achieving stability and securing a high standard lifestyle

Turkey is distinguished from the rest of the countries in the region and the European Union by its low cost of living, as it is less than its peers by about 50 percent, which encourages many to buy a property in Turkey if it is motivated by stability or investment.

In addition, Turkey imposes lower taxes, especially real estate taxes either purchase taxes or insurance

All this helps the investor to achieve a good and stable return that makes him think of stability and buying a property in Turkey to enjoy a happy and decent life that combines modern technology and beautiful nature.

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