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All about about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul

إليك كل ما يجب معرفته عن منطقة بهجة شهير
All about about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul

All about about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul

The characteristics of Bahcesehir have made it the favorite destination for investors and tourists

In addition to being a tourist destination, it is characterized by a strategic location that made it the focus of government interest and a great investment center

It has an area of 3,703,000 m2 and has an important investment location. It is located on the European side of Istanbul, 25 km from the city center, and belongs to the municipality of Başakşehir


The importance of Bahçeşehir is not limited to tourist and recreational attractions, as it includes an important group of schools, whether local or international, as well as Bahçeşehir University, which is considered one of the most important Turkish universities.

The area also includes a modern water treatment plant that provides irrigation for vegetation, provides fresh water and works to achieve resource sustainability in Bahcesehir.

Transportation in Bahcesehir:

The area is equipped with a land and rail transportation network linking it to the whole European side of Istanbul. However, due to the great demand from investors, tourists and residents, the area was exposed to a lack of public transportation, which encouraged the Turkish government to establish a new metro line with a length of 16.4 km, and this line will connect Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt, and Ispartakule in the central district of Mahmut Bey and Mecidiyeköy.

What makes this metro line more unique is that it will be linked to the Marmaray Line project, which connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul through a tunnel that passes under the sea, which will reduce the time between Bahçeşehir and Mahmut Bey districts to only 18 minutes.

Important landmarks in Bahcesehir

If you are looking for comfort and charming nature, then you should visit Gulet Park, which is famous for its distinctive waterways, where you can sit in one of the cafes or restaurants to eat your morning breakfast on the bank of the largest artificial lake in Turkey.

If you are looking for a modern atmosphere, we advise you to visit the Akbati shopping center, where you will find a group of international shops, famous restaurants and a cinema. The area also hosts a group of mosques that are distinguished by a modern and impressive architectural style.

And if you need some groceries for the house, we recommend you to visit "Pazarturk", where you will find fresh vegetables and fruits, in addition to nuts and baked goods.

Bahcesehir real estate:

Prices vary in the area between each residential complexes,

But in general prices of apartments in Istanbul at Bahcesehir start from 64 thousand dollars for an apartment of 55 square meters (containing a room and a salon) to 158 thousand dollars for an apartment of 130 square meters (containing four rooms and a salon).

Investment opportunities

The Bahçeşehir district is at the forefront of Istanbul regions that are witnessing an active instructional movement. It has received remarkable attention from the Turkish government and many residential projects have been implemented,

in addition to its location near the most important vital projects such as Istanbul's Third Bridge and Marmara Highway, in addition to the Istanbul Water Canal and Istanbul Airport.

These advantages made investors and tourists come to Bahçeşehir district in particular from all parts of the world, especially as it is linked to the suburb of Basaksehir, and the value of real estate in Bahcesehir is likely to increase further, by up to 50%, after the completion of the metro line project that will connect the area to all parts of the city.

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