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Apartments for rent in Turkey

عقارات للايجار في تركيا
Apartments for rent in Turkey

Apartments for rent in Turkey

In the beginning and before proceeding to offer your property for rent, it is necessary to define the basic objectives that will put you on the right path and thus ensure success and obtain a profitable and satisfactory financial return. Also, setting goals helps in choosing the area in which the property is located, and thus determining the costs of purchase or rent, in addition to selecting the appropriate property in terms of area, number of rooms, furnishings and cladding, and all of this plays an important role in determining the price of the property and the rental value.

As an example, buying a property in Istanbul with the aim of renting it in a location close to transportation networks such as the metro and transportation stations is more in demand for students and tourists in particular and for renters in general.

Foreigners coming to Turkey can rent any property in Turkey, with a contract that has the details of payment terms.

The contract contains several details:

  • The exact and detailed property address.

  • The name of the property owner as written in the national ID along with the national number.

  • The name of the property tenant as written in the passport, along with the passport number.

  • The value of the agreed rental amount of the property, and the method of payment.

  • The amount of the security deposit to be paid to the homeowner.

  • The date of receiving and handing over the property.

  • The duration of renting the property in Turkey.

It should also be noted that the landlord is not entitled to deport the tenant from the property according to the signed contract, except for security conditions

He is also not entitled to change the rent value by increasing or decreasing until the expiry of the contract term and its renewal.

If you want to put your property for rent, you must know the following points:

What is your aim of renting your property in Turkey?

First of all, you need to determine your purpose of buying a property which is putting it for rent, in order to reach a successful investment and achieve satisfactory financial returns for you. According to the main goals set by you, as a foreign investor in Turkey, who wants to double his wealth, real estate is a way to achieve this.

Why do I rent my property?

The motives for renting the property differ according to the investor: the most important of these motives are buying a property, renting it temporarily and keeping it later for the children, obtaining a stable and guaranteed material resource, being able to pay the debts and monthly taxes incurred on the property without any shortage of capital, and there is always the opportunity to increase prices, especially in promising areas, and thus increase profits and maximize capital.

What is the right time to rent property in Turkey?

The best season for renting a property in Turkey is the summer when renting families prefer to move to a new house, in addition to the increasing demand for apartments in the tourism season to spend holidays and enjoy time. In general, Turkey is one of the countries where the demand for renting real estate does not stop at any time of the year.

Criteria for buying property in Turkey in order to rent it:

After the objectives of buying the property have been determined, it is easy for the investor to determine the criteria that the property that suits his objectives will be subject to:

Renting the property to families is different from renting out students, and therefore the profit that will accrue to you is different

The type of exterior and interior designs with spaces and distribution of rooms plays an important role in determining the price of the property

The area in which the property is located, which plays the largest role in pricing the property and determining the rental value

Determining the purpose of renting the property.

All that has been mentioned confirms that determining the purpose of renting the property accurately plays an important role in determining the rent value and thus determining the profits you will get.

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