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Asian part of Istanbul

ماذا عن اسطنبول الاسيوية؟
Asian part of Istanbul
Let’s learn more about Asian part of Istanbul

The province of Istanbul occupies a privileged position as it extends over the European and Asian continents its total area is estimated at 5,461 square kilometers, and the land occupies an area of ​​5,343 square kilometers. The central city of Istanbul, has an area of ​​1,830 square kilometers, and the Asian part constitutes a good section of the total city, and the Bosphorus strait separates the European and Asian sections of the city.

The Asian section is a refuge for elite investors, owners, and tourists, who travel to it to enjoy the relative tranquility and tranquility compared to the European side, in addition to the many natural and archaeological tourist places.

The Asian section is bordered by the Black Sea from the north and by the Sea of ​​Marmara from the south

Regions of Asian Istanbul

Asian Istanbul embraces many high-end areas, which are famous either for the beauty of their nature or for the urban and economic movement, and among these areas are the Kadikoy district, which consists of twenty-one neighborhoods, and the Uskudar area near the Bosphorus Bridge and the famous Maiden’s Tower.

Uskudar enjoys the tranquility and beauty of nature. It also contains the tunnel station connecting the two sides of Istanbul under the Sea of Marmara, in addition to the Kadikoy area, which is the sea entrance to the Asian section. It is located near Uskudar and overlooks the Marmara Sea. It is one of the most prestigious areas in Asian Istanbul, and we should not forget the area Maltepe which is one of the oldest municipalities in Istanbul.

Asian Istanbul also includes high-end modern residential complexes, specifically in the Kartal, Sancaktepe, and Umraniye districts famous for their green spaces, in addition to the areas of Ataşehir, Tuzla, Princes' Islands, Sile, Sultanbeyli, and Pendik district.

Infrastructure in the Asian side of Istanbul

The infrastructure in Asian Istanbul has always attracted the attention of the Turkish government, especially twenty years ago. It is equipped with a modern transportation network that extends throughout the city. Kadikoy port is the first center for maritime transport in the city between the Asian and European sides across the Bosphorus Strait, in addition to providing it with all types of services and entertainment such as parks and resorts in addition to shopping centers, universities, schools, and mosques.

Living and owning properties in Asian Istanbul

The Asian part is one of the best places to invest and own properties in Istanbul, due to the huge infrastructure projects, modern transportation, the international airport, service and entertainment facilities, as well as the tourist places and the diversity of investment options for buildings, equipment, and the most luxurious cladding. The Asian section of the city is also famous for its calm and serene atmosphere, the historical monument with modern technology.

Advantages of investing in Asian Istanbul

Asian Istanbul real estate sector is witnessing an unparalleled movement in buying and selling operations, due to the tourism and economic superiority in it with the vast industrial, agricultural, and food investment fields, in addition to the population density that encourages investment in the field of real estate.

Some areas are more desirable than some other areas when selling apartments in Istanbul. In general, the continuous expansion of the Asian city of Istanbul leads to the construction of high-end real estate areas in which markets and commercial complexes abound.

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