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Bolu City the heart of nature

مدينة بولو قلب الطبيعة التركية
Bolu City the heart of nature

Bolu City the heart of nature

The city of Bolu is located in northern Turkey between Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, overlooking the Black Sea, and nicknamed (Heart of Nature), where the city embraces the "Seven Lakes" reserve, which is the most beautiful Turkish reserve ever and one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey. The reserve is located on two plateaus and contains 7 lakes, at an altitude of 100 meters In addition to small waterfalls that sit amid different types of trees, plants, birds and animals, the city of Bolu contains many tourist attractions, scenic views, and gardens that enjoy its breathtaking beauty that fascinates all its visitors during the season of tourism in Turkey .

The city of Bolu is not only famous for its natural charm, but also contains an ancient historical museum that includes various monuments from successive eras and civilizations, the most prominent of which is the Ottoman civilization.

The most important tourist places in the Turkish city of Bolu

Seven lakes park

It contains seven lakes, the largest of which is "Büyük Gül" lake with an area of ​​24,895 square meters. From different parts of the world, especially in the fall, because of the appropriate climate and charming nature.

Golcuk Polo Lake

It is only 13 kilometers away from the city of Bolu and is a magnet for thousands of tourists from all over the globe, who come to enjoy the picturesque nature and the fresh, fresh air, with large and spacious green spaces for various types of activities for the family, such as the mini golf course, and free games centers for children.

Samandra waterfall

It is the most famous waterfall in the city of Bolu. The area of ​​the waterfall and the surrounding area is 11,836 square feet, where tourists come to enjoy the charming view where the water pours on the rocks, along with the trees that surround the area.

Kartalkaya Resort

If you dream of visiting the Alps in Switzerland, you should visit this resort, a winter resort that is quite similar to the Alps, and it is visited by thousands of tourists annually in order to enjoy the wonderful snow scene, as well as skiing and cable car rides with family and friends.

Lake Abant

It is 32 kilometers from the center of Bolu, 280 kilometers from Istanbul, and is located at an altitude of 1,325 meters above sea level.

Polo Museum

It is the most important landmark of the tourist city of Bolu and contains antiquities dating back to several eras and eras and various civilizations. It was opened in 1975 AD and then modernized and provided with various heritage and historical pieces, ranging from traditional costumes and jewelry with a group of religious pieces, agricultural tools, keys and weapons

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