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Buying rental property in Istanbul

شراء عقارات للاجار في اسطنبول
Buying rental property in Istanbul
Buying rental property in Istanbul

Today, Turkey is considered one of the most important countries in the world. It has taken a place as a tourist and investment destination. The Turkish government offers many facilities to the foreign investor, including real estate residency and granting Turkish citizenship to the investor and his family according to specific conditions, and one of the most important of these facilities is the granting of real estate residency even If an unfinished property was purchased, and there is no need to pay the price of the property to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the minimum amount to be deposited in real estate investment has become 400,000 US dollars instead of one million US dollars, provided that the investor does not sell it before at least three years from the date of purchase.

Real estate investment by selling properties in Istanbul

Real estate investment in Turkey means a safe and guaranteed profit where you can resell the property and thus increase profits and maximize the capital. And when you want to resell it at any stage of the construction of the project before its completion, a set of documents must be present for this property, including the title deed, housing certificate and a document proving that the property is free of debts and all the required amounts have been met.

The following steps are recommended to ensure a safe and profitable sale:

Make sure to get a new appraisal of the property in order to reach an appropriate price for selling the property.

Carrying out maintenance work for the property and repainting it to achieve a higher profit when reselling

What are the reasons for reselling real estate in Turkey?

The desire to get a quick profit because real estate prices are always rising, and invest this amount in purchasing in other areas.

The state grants investors Turkish citizenship on the condition that the property is not sold until 3 years after the date of purchase, which prompts the investor to sell the property at the end of the period and invest the amount in other areas.

Welling to buy a property in another area, a larger area, or for other reasons.

Real estate investment in Istanbul by renting a property

In the beginning, you must think about the main goal of renting your property, in order to ensure successful investment and good profits, and choose the property that suits you your goal, such as choosing the real estate area, which plays the primary role in determining the rent value and purchase price, and the quality of internal and external cladding, room spaces and their distribution, and furnishings inside the property have a big role in determining the rental price.

For example, an apartment in Istanbul with a location close to the transportation network and stations is the most preferred place among tourists and students.

What is the information contained in the lease contract for foreigners?

The contract specifies the terms of payment accurately and clearly and explains the property address in detail and accurately

It also mentions the name of the property owner as written in the national identity, and the national number in addition to the name of the property tenant as mentioned in the passport, and the passport number.

The duration of renting the property in Turkey, and the date of receipt and delivery.

The value of the agreed rent amount, with the method of payment.

The value of the security deposit that the tenant will pay to the landlord.

It should be noted that the property owner is not entitled to change the rent value, whether by increasing or decreasing, until the expiry of the contract term and its renewal, and he is not entitled to remove the tenant from the property according to the signed contract, except in cases of security

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