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Buying shops in Turkey for a profitable investment

هل الاستثمار في المحلات التجارية في تركيا مشروع رابح؟
Buying shops in Turkey for a profitable investment

Buying shops in Turkey for a profitable investment

Turkey occupies the leading position among many countries in the field of real estate market and investments. Investment in shops is witnessing a great demand from investors, as it is one of the best means of achieving good and guaranteed profits, if the appropriate shop is chosen located in the crowded and vibrant areas.

When we take a closer look at the reality of the Turkish market in general and Istanbul in particular, we find that these markets are witnessing continuous and rapid development, which promises a profitable future in the field of investments.

The advantages of commercial investment in Turkey

It is noticeable that the investor’s interest in the real estate sector has increased, as investing in the real estate sector is one of the most secure types of investments.

Because Houses, shops and lands do not lose their value on the contrary their value can increase over time.

The investor can also buy a property under construction and then the price will be at its lowest level then Its price increases after the construction is completed.

At this time, Turkey occupies the forefront among the countries of the world in terms of economy and real estate investment, because it contains many commercial and central cities and countless shops and offices for sale.

Why is investing in shops preferred?

The numbers and statistics indicate the huge volume of foreign capital being pumped into Turkey recently, which indicates the high levels of confidence in the Turkish economy, and government facilities have played the most prominent role in the increasing number of investors looking for shops and stores.

It is known that the real estate market is the safest and most profitable area in the long run, as real estate prices are rising day after day, and investment in the field of shops is the most profitable real estate and outperforms the investment in the field of apartments.

An investor wishing to buy a shop in Turkey can choose the best for him either it’s an office, shop, or any commercial property; so he can conduct his business, rent the property, or resell for profit, which all will return to the investor with good financial profits.

How to invest in shops in Istanbul?

The accurate selection of the location of the property you want to buy is the most important thing to focus on, as the location of the property in Istanbul can contribute to the success of your project and raise its value or fail miserably, and you should think about the ease of access to the property and its proximity to transportation.

In general, it is necessary to focus on a number of factors, namely:

Vitality of the shop area

It is preferable for the shop to be in a vital area full of life and crowded with pedestrians, and it is recommended that the location is not far from the main road network in Istanbul.

It is also preferable that the office or shop be as close as possible to the city center, and that its location contains a prestigious hotel that provides accommodation for guests and customers, and is equipped with rooms for private meetings and first-class economic services, especially if the nature of the commercial activity is of an international nature.

The shop better be close to transportation in Istanbul

It is desirable to choose a location close to the transportation network, i.e. easy to go to and from, and preferably served by public transportation such as mass transit and metro lines.

Facilities and services within the shop site

The availability of services at the real estate site facilitates the investment of the real estate and increases its value. We mention among these services:

  • The presence of indoor or outdoor parking and valet parking in the vicinity of the shop.

  • The shop is close to banks and automated teller machines (ATM).

  • Availability of elevators, infrastructure and modern technology.

  • Provides central heating services

  • Finally, there is a security guard system around the clock.

The value of the shop in Istanbul:

You should not base your decision to buy or rent any property on the lowest cost criterion, as the establishment of any project in a poor location with a low price is a major reason for the failure of any project.

Verify the legal papers of the shop

Before starting any transaction, it is necessary to make sure of all documents related to the property and that the licenses of the shop are approved and certified by an official body.

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