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Family residence in Turkey

الإقامة العائلية في تركيا… لضمان إقامة آمنة ومريحة
Family residence in Turkey

Family residence in Turkey … to ensure a safe and comfortable stay

There are many types of residence permits for foreigners in Turkey, including tourist residence, real estate residence, and work residence, in addition to the family residence, which we will provide a full explanation about in the following article...

The family residence is granted to a Turkish citizen or a foreign resident who holds a work permit or a property ownership contract in Turkey and thus has the right to obtain residence for his family members even if they do not hold Turkish citizenship.

This type of residency is the best type of residency offered by the Turkish government. It is characterized by ease of extraction and facilitating the entry and exit of the holder. It also provides the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship after 3 years from the date of obtaining the family residency, especially for those married to a Turkish citizen.

Who is covered by the family residence permit in Turkey?

Turkish law stipulates that the wife and children under the age of 18 are the people who can benefit from the family residence in addition to the parents over the age of 65 years. As for the person married to more than one wife, Turkish law requires choosing only one of the wives to benefit from the family residence However, all children of wives can obtain family residence.

Those married to Turkish citizens can obtain Turkish citizenship after benefiting from the family residence for 3 years, but provided that the marriage was concluded with the aim of stability and the formation of a family.

Duration of the family residence in Turkey and conditions for obtaining it:

Turkish law stipulates that the duration of the family residence in Turkey is 3 years and is renewable, but attention must be paid to the need to request the renewal of residence before the end of the specified legal date, as the electronic residence system does not accept applications that remain for 60 days or two months.

According to the law in Turkey, the following conditions must be met to obtain family residence:

  • The applicant must fulfill the minimum wage requirement in Turkey as well as the ability to adequate housing for the general conditions of life in Turkey.

  • The necessity of providing health insurance for all family members.

  • For foreigners, the applicant must prove residence in Turkey for at least one year.

  • Clear evidence of not violating the family system by committing any misdemeanor within five years from the date of applying for granting family residence.

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, a work contract or the purchase of apartments in Turkey must be present, and the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Apply through the website of the Immigration Department in Turkey and secure a copy of the passport of the person granting the family residence with 4 personal photos.

  2. Provide health insurance covering the length of stay.

  3. A house rental contract or title deed if the applicant owns property in Turkey or if he obtains Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey.

  4. Notarized marriage contract from the consulate of your country in case the applicant is the husband or wife.

  5. Pay the family residence application fee, which varies from country to country.

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