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Headquarters of commerce and business Levent Istanbul

مقر التجارة والأعمال ليفنت اسطنبول
Headquarters of commerce and business Levent Istanbul

Headquarters of commerce and business Levent Istanbul

Levent is located south of the famous Maslak district, north of Besiktas district.

Turk Marines were known for their strong muscular build and daring and courageous personalities; The inhabitants of the neighboring countries called them Levent, which means strong man, and this is the reason for the Turkish word Levent, which means the name of the neighborhood.

It’s situated to the northwest of Arnavutkoy, on the European side of Istanbul, and it belongs to Besiktas municipality, north of the Golden Horn.

The fifth of Levent district belongs to the municipality of Eyup, and despite its small area and population, it is ideally located at the intersection of the main roads in Istanbul, and enjoys a strategic location for world-class facilities, and has roads up to the Bosphorus and Fatih bridges, Which links the European and Asian sides of Istanbul city

Features of levent district in Istanbul

The modern Levent neighborhood was built in the late forties, when Emlak Kredi Bankası (a Turkish bank established to finance housing projects) chose the area to build a housing complex, mostly consisting of villa-type houses with gardens

And after the completion of the first phase of the Levent project, several other sophisticated apartment complexes were established in the area, eventually extending towards neighboring Etiler.

  • Levent is where the Safir tower, the tallest skyscraper in Turkey and Istanbul city, is located, which extends to about 55 floors and is very popular among tourists.

  • It also has many beautiful tourist attractions, recreational facilities and services, as the landmarks in the Levent area vary to include parks, cultural centers, restaurants and shopping centers.

  • The region has a strong and high quality infrastructure, due to the important business climate, and a fast paced business life and the municipality to pay great attention to infrastructure, including roads, schools, universities, parks, and hygiene, as the region has many commercial centers, corporate headquarters, bank branches, capital market agencies, European-standard shopping malls, international hotel companies, as well as big pharmaceutical factories such as Nobel and Pfizer.

  • Levent has an advanced transportation infrastructure as well , as it has all types of transportation that links it to all parts of Istanbul city, and it has a metro station, as it is possible to reach from this station to the Bosphorus University, as well as to other metro stations that connect to various areas of Istanbul.

  • It also contains a number of luxurious Istanbul malls such as Ozdilek Park Mall, Kanyon Mall, City Mall or Levent Mall, which have various international and local brands.

Levent real estate

Residence in Levent district in Istanbul is characterized by modern and sophisticated lifestyle, as the area includes various major life and recreational facilities, in addition to an essential transportation stations, luxurious and prestigious universities, largest and best malls and markets, and the infrastructure is ongoing development with gardens, educational and health centers, thus have made Levent a preferred location for consulates of many countries such as Canada, switzerland and Saudi Arabia

The Levent district is also distinguished by its central location in Istanbul, advanced infrastructure, beautiful historical heritage, and being the home of major business centers and international companies

All these and more made it a favorite destination for investors and those looking to buy property in Istanbul, given the big financial return from an investment in levent, especially as there is continuous updating of the infrastructure, and renewal of roads and transportation, in addition to the presence of schools and universities,

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