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Investing in Izmir

الاستثمار في ازمير
Investing in Izmir

Investing in Izmir its types and features

Izmir has all the amenities and services that make life easier and more beautiful.

It is famous for the best hospitals in Turkey and hosts several high-level education institutions.

It also has many entertainment facilities such as shopping centers and sports centers as well as theaters and cinemas.

It is particularly famous for tourism investments because of its attractive and attractive tourist places for tourists, whether natural or historical places, with a pleasant climate, hot in summer and mild in winter.

Types of investment in Izmir

Investments are not limited to the states of Istanbul and Ankara only, but many small states attract investors to all fields with many investment options, and Izmir is at the forefront of these states.

Industrial investment in Izmir

The industrial sector occupies the first place in the list of investments by foreigners and this comes as a natural result of the attention given by the Turkish government to this sector, as there are in Turkey more than 200 industrial zones spread in 80 regions, in addition to the start of the implementation of 69 industrial zones, and these areas have been designed to provide an ideal environment For investment so that the regions are equipped with the best infrastructure and social facilities.

As for the areas of investment in the industrial sector in Izmir, the best is the packaging industries, the shoes, and ready-made garments industries, the food industries, the petrochemicals and plastics industries, the defense industries, addition to iron and steel, medical equipment as well as the textile industry, auto spare parts, and the construction materials and supplies industry.

Real estate investment in Izmir

The Turkish government has provided many facilities to foreign investors and encouraged them to invest in real estate in Turkey, and one of the most important of these facilities is to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property worth $ 400,000 after it was $1,000,000 before this decision, in addition to exempting them from fees Customs, value-added tax, and other facilities and positive decisions, which contributed to raising the percentage of sales within Turkey in general and in Izmir in particular, where real estate sales to foreigners increased by 22.2% compared to previous years, and the number of sales was 22,234 properties sold.

It can be said that real estate prices in Izmir are low relative to some of the famous Turkish cities, but these numbers are expected to rise with the prosperity and economic growth that the city is witnessing. In all cases, the city's residents can live at reasonable costs when relying on goods and the local market.

Izmir has many available investment options, as it contains many apartments that can be invested within any area that the investor desires, whether with a bayonet or interior view. It also contains a group of high-end and investable villas with multiple spaces and views.

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