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Investing in residential real estate

الاستثمار في العقارات السكنية
Investing in residential real estate

Investing in residential real estate … Buying apartments in Turkey

Many chose real estate investment in general for various motives. Some want to invest in Turkey real estate in order to increase capital and material profit, while others find safety and stability in owning a property in Turkey.

In general, there are many types of real estate investment in Turkey, as it varies according to the type of property, the purpose of the investment, or the expected return.

Regardless of the type of real estate investment you choose, any type of investment requires specific things to succeed, so, whether you are looking for stability and financial security or investing to achieve long-term success, real estate investment in Turkey is an excellent choice, especially that the ingredients that exist in Turkey are diverse and It makes it an ideal location for different forms of investments in many fields with the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship, but in this context we will talk about a specific type, which is investing in residential real estate in Turkey

Residential properties in Turkey

Residential real estate does not mean stability only, it has many forms that can be a smart and profitable investment option, especially that the prices of residential properties in Turkey have increased significantly in recent years, and this is of different types, whether they are apartments, villas, or residential land; Therefore, residential real estate in Turkey has become an important investment tool.

And buying apartments in Turkey is a good investment because the Turkish real estate market is witnessing a significant rise in the prices of apartments, especially with the reduction in the interest value of housing loans in Turkey last year.

After the decision and according to real estate reports, there were significant changes in the prices of apartments in Turkey, close to 100% in some areas, and exceeded them in other areas of major Turkish cities, where the average price per square meter in Istanbul apartments in Besiktas during the month of October from Last year about 27,500 Turkish liras

Another type of residential real estate that constitutes an excellent investment is the purchase of villas in Istanbul, especially as it is characterized by its beauty, climatic diversity, and charming nature of coasts and forests, and it is the home of high-end, modern villas with excellent specifications with unique views.

Also, buying land in Turkey is a type of residential real estate. A type that many investors prefer to invest in, because of their desire to design their own buildings in a location of their choice and make it according to their requirements.

Advantages of investing in residential properties in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey in general is a successful investment in itself, but investing in residential real estate has special advantages, including:

  • finding a tenant is easy for residential real estate due to the high demand for a place to live throughout the year, especially during the tourist seasons

  • The cost of investing in residential real estate is much lower than the costs of investing in commercial properties in Turkey

  • Although the financial profit is small compared to commercial real estate, it is continuous and this makes it a safer option for real estate investment in Turkey

  • The ease of selling residential properties in Turkey, especially if it has certain advantages such as being in an upscale area and close to vital sites and transportation

  • Not to worry about external factors that may affect the state of the economy. People need housing, whatever their circumstances

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