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Istanbul Museums Historical and Modern Icons

متاحف اسطنبول ايقونات تاريخية وعصرية
Istanbul Museums Historical and Modern Icons

Istanbul Museums Historical and Modern Icons

Istanbul is located in the northwest of the Turkish province of Marmara, and was the center of the most important empires through the ages from the Byzantine to the Ottoman, and is characterized by wide geographical diversity, which gave it the status of the most important tourist cities in Turkey and made it a center for the most important museums in the world, and of them we mention:

Topkapi Palace:

It was chosen in 1985 as a World Heritage Site. This palace was built during the era of the Ottoman Empire. It is the largest palace built at that time. Its construction was supervised by the greatest Ottoman architects, namely (Sinan Pasha, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Daoud Agha and Sarkis Balian).

It was built in the Baroque style and contained thirteen doors, of which only a few remain today, and it could accommodate about 4 thousand people. It was called "Sarayi Jadeedi Amira", but in the nineteenth century its old name was changed to the current name, after one of its gates.

The palace is located in the Sarayburnu district and overlooks the Golden Horn and Marmara near Sultanahmet.

As for the visiting times, they are within the official working hours, and the cost of entry is about 4 dollars per adult, and they usually enter through the Hamayoun Gate behind the Hagia Sophia.

Museum of Islamic heritage:

This museum witnessed several stages, as it was initially built in 1914 and was called the “Islamic Endowments Museum” within the Sulaymaniyah College in the place of Ibrahim Pasha’s palace, a minister and husband of the daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

After the declaration of the Turkish Republic, it became called the Museum of Turkish Islamic Antiquities.

Then the museum was transferred from the College of Sulaymaniyah to the Museum of Islamic Antiquities in 1983.

This museum contains the rarest manuscripts in the world, which date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and are estimated at 15,000 manuscripts.

It also displays a group of important exhibits on the art of Arabic calligraphy and carpets, in addition to exhibits representing the civilizations of the different human races in Turkey. It is about reviving the lifestyle of the old families in Turkey and their rooms from different times and regions.

The museum is located in Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul, Turkey, and its entrance is to the left of the Garden of the Topkapi Palace or "Gulhane".

As for how to reach it, it is very easy, as there is a tram station right at the door of the park.

Military Museum in Istanbul:

The Military Museum in Istanbul is located in the European section at Besiktas, 1 km from Taksim Square towards Sisli.

It was initially a military school in the last phase of the Ottoman era and then turned into a military museum. The Military Museum in Istanbul documents the war history of the Ottoman, Turkish and even Byzantine army over a period of 900 years. It was built by order of Ahmed Fathi Pasha, and managed by Ahmed Mukhtar Pasha at the beginning of the nineteenth century AD

The museum contains two floors, and displays an old Ottoman cannon, and the weapons of the army during the First World War.

The outer courtyard of the museum contains modern military machines such as: American-made helicopters, model 1967, giant German-made cannon, model 1889, and German tank model 1929.

The exhibits in it show the extent of Turkish military development and progress through the ages.

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