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Kartal district in Istanbul

منطقة كارتال في اسطنبول
Kartal district in Istanbul

A glimpse of the Kartal district in Istanbul

The history of the Kartal region dates back to the Byzantine era and was included in the Ottoman lands in the fifteenth century AD, and was considered one of the regions of Istanbul during the Ottoman era in 1888, but in our contemporary era, it was declared an independent municipality in 1928 in June, according to Law No. 1282, with a population of 480,738, according to the statistic issued in 2021.

Kartal location in Istanbul

Kartal municipality is located on the Asian side of Istanbul or what is known as the Anatolian side, overlooking the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and located on the opposite seaside, the Princes' Islands, surrounded by land by the areas of Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Maltepe, and finally Sancaktepe

The most important characteristic of the Kartal district in Istanbul

Kartal municipality's unique location on the coast of the Marmara Sea and its picturesque view makes it one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul.

It is also famous for its proximity to the Princess Islands, in addition to its proximity to the Asian hill of Aydos Hill, which is the highest point in Istanbul, and not to forget the largest Asian Palace of Justice in Istanbul.

Kartal municipality also contains a group of famous tourist areas such as the historical Kartal Bazaar, Surp Nışan Armenian Church, Dragos Hill, Yakacık Square, City Park, Aydos Forest, and Soganlik Street.

What are the advantages of living in Kartal Istanbul?

There are many destinations for real estate investment in Turkey, especially when we talk about Istanbul real estate. Kartal municipality is considered one of the important investment areas in it. This is due to the quality of real estate in Kartal, its high specifications, its pleasant climate, and its beautiful areas, especially its picturesque views of the Marmara Sea, in addition to the infrastructure equipped with the latest services and commercial centers.

Infrastructure in Kartal Istanbul

Roads and Transportation

Kartal is connected to the areas of Istanbul with a strong transportation network represented by highways and various public transportation, and the D100 highway divides the Kartal region into northern and southern halves, in addition to the coastal road, and do not forget the Samandra Kartal road, which connects the D100 and D80 roads

Schools and universities

Kartal is famous for its huge educational environment, like the rest of Istanbul, such as private and government schools and universities, where educational services are available for all ages and levels. Among the most famous universities located in Kartal:

Among the most famous universities located in the Kartal Istanbul area:

İstanbul Gedik University

Marmara University Dragos Campus

Prices of apartments in Kartal Istanbul

According to the specialized real estate website, the average price per square meter of housing for all segments in the Kartal area is approximately 10,839 Turkish liras, and this price can vary from one property to another depending on the location and specifications of the property.

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