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Living in Turkey today 2023

كيف هي المعيشة في تركيا اليوم 2023
Living in Turkey today 2023

Living in Turkey today 2023

Many factors combine in Turkey that make it one of the best places to live and settle. It occupies a distinguished geographical position between Europe and Asia, and embraces many historical and natural tourist places, and has witnessed a movement of progress that included all sectors.

Tourism in Turkey:

The location of Turkey gives it the leading position of tourism around the world par excellence, as it overlooks many seas and waterways and contains many golden beaches, in addition to green mountains and charming historical places. It also has good weather in the summer, and there are 81 states in it, and each city has its own charm and scenic views.

Low costs of living in Turkey:

The cost of living in Turkey varies according to the city, so it is higher in the tourist cities than the rest of the cities. For example, we know that the costs of living in the city of Ankara are less than the city of Istanbul, but compared to the costs of living in European or Arab countries, we find that the prices and costs of living in the Turkish tourist cities remain less.

Available job opportunities:

The labor market in Turkey offers many opportunities, the conditions of which vary according to the nature of the work. Some of them need the knowledge of the Turkish language and the others do not require it, such as working from home via the Internet or working for Arab communities, but the language remains an important condition for those who wish to settle in Turkey. and integration into Turkish society.

Study in Turkey:

Studying in Turkey is characterized by a high level of education, as the Turkish state provides the latest educational facilities for various educational levels, whether primary, middle or higher. The Turkish government also offers many scholarships to various students around the world, all of which has led Turkey to attract many students of science at very acceptable costs.

The facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners:

The Turkish government provides many facilities for foreign arrivals, starting with the laws that included the real estate investment sector, which guarantees the rights of the foreign investor. The Turkish state also grants a work permit according to certain conditions, namely obtaining continuous work, concluding a work contract, obtaining social security insurance, and residing in Turkey for a period of 5 years, and you can also obtain Turkish citizenship under certain conditions.

Some of the negatives of living in Turkey:

There are many advantages to living in Turkey, but there are some negatives that do not constitute an obstacle to stability in Turkey, which must be mentioned for the sake of safety and caution:

It is necessary to learn the Turkish language to ensure stability and integration into Turkish society, which is difficult for some.

If you want to buy a property in Turkey, you should take caution, as you may be exposed to fraud when buying a property, and therefore it is necessary to search well for reputable and legally licensed investment companies to help you during the journey of searching for a property and complete the legal procedures when buying and thus protect against exposure to defraud.

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