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Maslak in Istanbul Turkey

منطقة مسلك في اسطنبول تركيا
Maslak in Istanbul Turkey

Everything you need to know about the Maslak in Istanbul Turkey

Maslak is considered one of the most prestigious and luxurious areas in Istanbul and is famous for its distinguished location among the tourist destinations in Istanbul, and it belongs to the famous Sariyer municipality as a commercial, tourist and investment attraction.

The area of ​​Maslak directly overlooks the Bosphorus, which gives it a splendid view, and embraces the distinctive public facilities for tourism, such as Rumeli Hisar Castle and Emirgan Park. Which attracts tourists and citizens from all parts.

The Maslak area occupies an area of ​​161 km2 and has a population of 289,000. It is located in the investment and tourism center of Istanbul and is within a short distance of the central Sisli and Eyup districts. All this made it an investment destination and a favorite location for buying apartments in Istanbul.

Maslak features:
Service and recreational facilities in the Maslak area

The Maslak area is equipped with a wide range of vital and service facilities, whether educational, such as schools and universities, or health facilities, such as clinics, hospitals and health centers, in addition to huge commercial centers.

The Maslak area also hosts many recreational and tourist centers and places. If you are a fan of nature and scenic views, you should visit the Belgrade Forest and Emirgan Park.

If you are an adventure lover, we advise you to visit the Extreme Adventure Park, which is famous for climbing, adventure and camping games. It has branches in more than 14 countries around the world, such as the United States of America and Europe. You can also experience the region's amusement park or experience air flights over the Bosphorus in (Flybird) center

And it does not stop there, as you can also experience diving adventures or charter yachts and boats for parties or short trips, and do not forget about the adventures of laser games, shooting and safari.

Proximity to central transportation network

Maslak is an ideal area for real estate investment, as it is a vital and central area not only at the level of Sariyer, but at the level of Istanbul as a whole. This plays an important role in influencing real estate prices and rents in the region, as two metro stations pass through the M2 line, and the area is close to the E20 highway, and is characterized by easy access to Sisli, Eyup and Besiktas, as well as the presence of many public transport lines that enable residents to Buses towards Vadi Istanbul Mall, Taksim Square, Sisli, and Istinye Park Mall.

Earthquake Safe Zone:

In general, the area of ​​Maslak and Sariyer is the safest area against earthquakes due to its geographical location, which gives it an additional characteristic that encourages real estate investment within it, although the modern buildings of Istanbul are obligatory against earthquakes according to the building laws in Turkey, but the Maslak area remains the safest.

real estate investment and buying properties in Maslak in Istanbul:

Maslak is famous for its strategic location on the Bosphorus, and for its luxurious residential complexes and residential and commercial towers with modern designs, with a wide range of entertainment, lively and services, in addition to easy transportation, as well as the charming view and beautiful landscapes. Thus, real estate prices in Maslak are considered the highest within Istanbul and at the level of Turkey in general and therefore rent profits are high as well.

Buying a property in the Maslak area allows obtaining Turkish citizenship in accordance with the Turkish Nationality Law. Real estate appraisal companies also agree that the Maslak area contains the most expensive and valuable properties, and therefore if you aim to own the best property for housing in Istanbul, you will not find a better area than Maslak.

The Maslak area has also witnessed a huge increase in prices during the past years, as well as a rapid urban growth movement, all of this heralds a promising future in the fields of real estate in the Maslak area and in Istanbul in general.ول.

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