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What are the most important types of commercial properties in Turkey

تعرف على أهم أنواع العقارات التجارية في تركيا
What are the most important types of commercial properties in Turkey

What are the most important types of commercial properties in Turkey

Real estate market in Turkey is known as a preferred choice for foreign investors from different countries of the world because it is a guaranteed profit considering Turkey has a strong economy in addition to being highly dependent on tourism, and commercial real estate in Turkey constitutes a large proportion of investment properties

Commercial properties are real estate that is used exclusively for commercial purposes or to provide a workplace, and this broad category of real estate can include everything from a single storefront to a huge shopping mall.

Commercial properties in Turkey are used for investment and business, and multi-unit rental properties that serve as residences for tenants.

What about commercial real estate management?

Owning and maintaining commercial rental property requires complete and continuous management by the owner. Property owners in Turkey may wish to hire a real estate company to help them manage the property, find tenants, oversee lease contracts and financing options, and coordinate property maintenance and marketing.

The expert knowledge of a commercial property management company is helpful because the rules and regulations governing these properties vary by state, province, municipality, industry and size in Turkey.

Types of commercial properties in Turkey

Turkey has many options of commercial properties, especially in the Istanbul real estate market, as it is the economic capital of the country

And commercial real estate can be divided into major categories which are?

Multi-storey real estate

Multi-storey real estate is the intermediary between residential and commercial real estate.

While it can primarily serve as a residence, the general purpose of this property is investment and these include everything from a duplex to a multi-hundredth apartment building.

Duplex apartments in Turkey,

Duplexes are rental properties of two units and types of properties attached to "plex" are found in almost every market, but it is more intended for novice investors and those who want to make a stable and guaranteed profit

Offices for sale in Turkey

Office buildings are also designed as low, medium and high rise based on their size.

They are usually divided into one of three categories:

These classifications are all relative and depend to a large extent on the context, i.e. the location of the building and the condition of the market around it.

The first category buildings are the best in terms of construction and location.

The second is high-quality buildings, but with an undesirable location.

The third category includes old buildings that require restoration, maintenance and modernization

This classification aims to facilitate finding offices in Turkey that suit the needs of the market and investors, no matter how different they are

Industrial real estate in Turkey

It includes most of the major manufacturers and these types of properties in Turkey are highly customized using machines

The other type is stores and warehouses, which are for typical uses of product storage and assembly and office space.

Shops for sale in Turkey

These are small retail properties that may be associated with the main tenant directly.

A main tenant is simply a retail tenant who typically works to attract clients to the property.

Shops are used for small businesses such as restaurants, nail salons, etc.


They are either five-star hotels, and these full-service hotels are usually located in central business areas or tourist areas, such as hotels in Istanbul, for example, the Four Seasons, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, and others.

Hotels in the Limited Service category, called boutique hotels, are smaller in size and typically do not provide amenities such as room service, on-site restaurants, or conference space.

These hotels have larger rooms, and kitchenettes, and are designed for people who stay for a week or more.

land for sale in Turkey

It includes unexploited lands such as farms or pastures, orchards, and animal farms.

The lands may be within the city, and they are purchased in order to establish a property on it

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