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New update about obtaining Turkish citizenship

تحديث جديد بخصوص الحصول على الجنسية التركية
New update about obtaining Turkish citizenship

New update about obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey

The executive regulations for the decision to buy property in Turkey and benefit from the Turkish citizenship law at the 250,000 USD value before raising the value to 400,000 USD was issued recently and it may be beneficial for many

According to the law issued on 05.13.2022, about amending the value of the investment amount to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey from 250 thousand US dollars to 400 thousand US dollars, which will enter into force on 13.06.2022, the mechanism of operating of the executive regulations to implement the decision was published as follows:

Summary of the amendment

Any person who bought a property in any Turkish city should apply for the title deed transaction before the date of 12.06.2022 until midnight

Will surely benefit from the Turkish citizenship Law in case the title deed was issued after the date of 13.06.2022 according to the following steps:

  • Make an appointment online by calling ALO 181 or via the electronic appointment section on the Registry Directorate website

  • Making sure that the seller and buyer information are entered correctly and the correct transaction type is selected.

  • Submit an appointment at the Registry department to conduct a 3-year pledge of non-sale transaction to benefit from the Turkish Citizenship Law before 12.06.2022 until midnight.

  • It is also possible to conduct the transaction of extracting the title deed and a pledge not to sell on one date, provided that the sentence (conducting a transaction of pledge not to sell) is mentioned.

  • In the explanatory section of the transaction and not to change the characteristics of the previously registered persons, i.e. the seller and the buyer

  • In the event that the following documents are not added (bank notification - approved disbursement document - evaluation report) provided that all these documents were extracted before 12.06.2022, the date shall be considered canceled.

  • In the event that there is a shortage of documents with the documents previously mentioned, such as the translation of the passport or other identification papers

  • The deadline is extended for another 20 days

  • However, in the event that the Directorate of Land Registry is not reviewed immediately upon requesting the missing documents within 10 days to inform them of this, the transaction will be canceled.

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