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Pros of real estate investment in Beylikduzu

مزايا الاستثمار العقاري في بيليك دوزو اسطنبول
Pros of real estate investment in Beylikduzu
Pros of real estate investment in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is witnessing a huge real estate investment movement, as it is considered one of the organized and developed suburbs compared to the rest of the other suburbs of Istanbul, which gives the investor many advantages and good profits.

The region is anticipating a huge development movement in the field of real estate investment due to the increasing demand for apartments in Istanbul and the gradual rise in real estate prices in the region, all in conjunction with the progress of the construction of the new metro line "Incirli - Beylikdüzü", which is to be built soon.

Features of Beylikduzu
Various services

universities, schools and secured transportation in Beylikduzu:

Many services are available in the area, such as schools, universities, and hospitals, with shopping centers and malls, all of this has contributed to an increase in the demand for real estate in the region, especially for students who go to rent near universities and educational centers.

The arrival of the express bus line (Metrobus) to the region has led to a tremendous increase in prices, and recent real estate valuation figures indicate that properties near the Metrobus line are more valuable than their peers at a rate of 56% per square meter.

Increased interest by investors towards Beylikduzu:

The interest of investors has increased significantly recently, especially after the construction leap witnessed by the infrastructure and residential villas in the region.

Despite its distance from the city center, it is considered an organized area of ​​high quality compared to the rest of the suburbs in Istanbul, in addition to being served by a good transportation network and connected to the city center via the express bus line "Metrobus".

The region is also characterized by the spread of earthquake-resistant buildings with the spread of high-quality residential complexes equipped with social and recreational activities, swimming pools, children's entertainment centers, gardens and service facilities, which increased its value and made it a new center for investment in Istanbul real estate.

The region also includes the largest commercial container port in Turkey, with an area of ​​1.5 million square meters, in addition to containing two industrial cities, the first and the largest occupying an area of ​​1,600 acres and providing 15,000 job opportunities, while the second is the with an area of ​​450 acres.

Medical services and hospitals in Beylikduzu:

The area is equipped with a number of medical centers capable of serving the area and the neighborhood. It contains a state hospital, four private hospitals, three clinics, a dialysis center with three public clinics, in addition to 34 dental clinics, and 13 medical centers for oral and dental health care.

Beylikdüzü in terms of organization and nature:

Beylikduzu is considered the most organized region in the European section in Istanbul. It is characterized by a huge industrial sector equipped with a thermal plant that produces electricity with natural gas and fuel, with a large number of stations capable of accommodating large amounts of fuel for distribution and filling. The region is also characterized by its easy land roads leading to The sea and air ports, and do not forget the international fairgrounds Tüyap.

Rural and urban features combine at the same time. It contains the largest fish market in Turkey, various types of fruits in orchards, natural honey in beehives in its farms and vast green spaces, and multiple gardens and forests, most notably Vadi hayat Garden, Green Valley Garden, which contains Beautiful waterfalls, free and unique children's games, in addition to the Japanese garden, in which traditional Japanese huts and wide water ponds contain the most beautiful types of fish, intended for visitors to take pictures and make memories.

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