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Residential complexes in Istanbul

المجمعات السكنية في اسطنبول
Residential complexes in Istanbul

Residential complexes in Istanbul best real estate choice

The residential complexes in Istanbul are characterized by an excellent social environment and enjoy security and safety, as they have become one of the most sought-after places for apartments within the city.

They also have a strong infrastructure and are fully equipped with services and facilities. All this has attracted investors to buy one of the best apartments in Istanbul.

About the residential complex in Istanbul

Turkey embraces many residential projects of different types, whether apartments within residential complexes or independent villas. Perhaps the most sought-after types are apartments within high-end residential complexes, which enjoy the latest systems and advanced architectural structure with full services and luxurious furnishings, which creates an atmosphere of psychological comfort and an enjoyable social environment, These complexes provide the perfect place for families to stay due to the safe atmosphere that characterizes these complexes.

The residential complexes consist of a group of buildings and contain a set of multiple service facilities, which can vary from one residential complex to another, and we can mention: gardens, sports fields such as basketball, tennis, and football, safe children's playgrounds, gyms, in addition to both types of outdoor swimming pools. And closed, with saunas and massage rooms, and certainly, these complexes are equipped with a garage, with all security services and surveillance cameras, which prevent the entry of strangers.

The residents of these complexes can also pay a certain amount or the so-called annual housing returns, and through this amount, a set of additional services such as hot water and air conditioning can be secured.

The aforementioned advantages make these complexes one of the most luxurious places in Istanbul, one of the most popular places to buy, and one of the best places to live and settle.

Pros of real estate investment in a residential complex in Istanbul
  1. These complexes are usually equipped with private security, which creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety, in addition to the presence of a group of employees, each of whom is competent in securing the requirements of the residents and managing the affairs of the complex, which gives housing psychological comfort and investors want to buy an apartment within the residential complex in Istanbul.

  2. The prices of apartments in residential complexes are lower than those in the city center, which are valued at huge amounts, as these complexes are located on the outskirts of the city, which allows allocating a larger plot of land for building such a project.

  3. The presence of the project on the outskirts of the city means the calm atmosphere and distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, which is the main attraction for lovers of comfort, calm, and tranquility, and it is worth noting here that the distance from the city does not detract from the value of the complex, as these complexes are linked to the city center with a modern transportation network.

  4. For those who wish to buy a property in Turkey within one of these complexes for the purpose of renting, it is a good option, because these apartments within the complexes are among the most sought-after properties, whether for purchase or for stability, and the value of a real estate is constantly rising, which leads to an increase in profits automatically and guaranteed, as it is worth It should be noted that the tourism season in Turkey also helps in maximizing profits, as some tourists prefer to rent a furnished apartment within the residential complex because of their desire to feel safe and calm.

  5. As for those who will not want to invest their capital in the various fields of real estate investment, he is advised to invest in this type of real estate, due to the proximity of residential complexes to shops, markets, and multiple halls.

  6. Special offers facilitate the process of buying the apartment in installments and with convenient options.

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