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Sabiha Airport the second airport of Istanbul

مطار صبيحة ثاني مطارات اسطنبول
Sabiha Airport the second airport of Istanbul
Sabiha Airport the second airport of Istanbul

It is a window to the world and a strategic center in the map of global flights in the Asian part of Istanbul . The airport was named by this name in honor of Mrs. Sabiha Gokcen, the first woman aviator in the Turkish army to fly a fighter jet in the world and is among the top twenty pilots in history.

Today sabiha Airport, is the second most important airport in the city after Istanbul Airport

Airport History and Importance

The construction of the airport took two years, from 1998 to 2000 AD.

The importance of the airport comes from being a destination close to the residents of the Asian section for internal and external travel, as it was established to contribute to relieving pressure from the former Ataturk Airport, in addition to being a transit station for many airlines with the aim of refueling and changing flights, and many flights depart from Sabiha Airport Heading to East Asia, European countries, the Middle East and African countries, it also provides domestic travel trips to all Turkish cities.

Airport location

Sabiha Airport is distinguished by a privileged location, as it is located in the Asian section of the city and is only 27 km away from the Bosphorus Strait, which makes it serve the European section as well.

AnadoluJet is the local subsidiary of Turkish Airline has chosen this airport as its main headquarter.

It is also 30 km southeast of Uskudar region on the Asian side, near Kadikoy and Harem stations, and although it belongs to Istanbul, it provides more services to the neighboring provinces.

The airport is about 40 km from Gebze and Kocaeli, 60 km from Yalova, and 120 km from Bursa. The journey from the airport to Bursa takes about an hour and a half.

It is separated by approximately 100 km from Sapanca (Masokia), which is equivalent to an hour and a quarter by car, and 120 km, or about an hour and a half by car

Airport Sections

The airport is divided into two parts, the first section is for international flights, and the second section is for domestic flights.

The international flights section occupies an area of ​​2000 square meters and can accommodate 3 million passengers. It consists of three halls, two for departure and one for arrival. It also includes eleven check-in offices and four gates with 12 offices specialized in passport affairs. It is equipped with a range of service facilities such as restaurants and cafes, Duty free, VIP car parking, Airport Bank ATMs, a health center and a pharmacy, in addition to halls, a conference hall and an official meeting room.

As for the domestic flights section, it extends over 2000 square meters and has a capacity of 500,000 passengers. It is equipped with an arrival and departure hall with a range of service facilities such as a health center, restaurants and a cargo terminal.

Airport hotel

Sabiha Airport Hotel: It has 4 shops and 128 rooms, it is a five minute walk from the arrival floor exit.

It is also equipped with a VIP lounge where local and foreign government officials and guests are received.

Transit passengers can rent one of the rooms in the hotel at a cost of 7 euros per hour, and it can be rented for families or for males and females separately for a maximum of 5 people.

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